Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Wealthy, Successful & Miserable AF

1. Misery

This NY Times article just proves that money can’t buy satisfaction and happiness in oneself.

It was insanely stressful work, done among people he didn’t particularly like. He earned about $1.2 million a year and hated going to the office.

Would you rather take a job you love or one that paid the bills? I am lucky that I have both – one that I love AND pays the bills and then some. I do feel the wrenching pain of those who are trapped with golden handcuffs however.

2. Pretty Woman

This polkadot dress has my name all over it, giving me “Pretty Woman” vibes right now!

3. Master of his Quarantine

An article on Larry David I quite enjoyed, about how he is handling the quarantine. I loved Seinfeld and Curb your Enthusiasm because … it’s just FUNNY. My partner doesn’t get his humour at all (in fact, most North American comedians escape him), but I think there is something brilliant about his comedy.

4. Corked

I love cork for bags and shoes as they’re so light and incredibly summery and chic, so these block-heeled (SUPER MEGA COMFORTABLE) heels from Ann Taylor are the summer heel that will go with 100% of your summer dresses (unless they’re.. black.. and cocktail.. but why would you wear that in summer?)

5. Work

I came across the most thrilling article about women’s work through the eyes of an author who hired two helpers for her household. It was thrilling because it gave a glimpse into the real world of what women who have no real money, power or privilege in their countries face. Just being in Canada is a privilege as a woman.

6. Mitty

I only own 2 pairs of shorts. One is to wear at home and lounge around in, and the other are these Ted Baker Mitty Tie Waist shorts that look a little bit like a skirt when worn, and are FABULOUS. The green colour is <3 And they’re on sale now. I also like these in blue.

7. #MeToo

Guys, don’t give up on mentoring women. Some of my best advice has come from men (well I work in a mostly male-dominated industry so …), but truly, reach out! Without their support & advice I would not be where I am today.

8. Periodic

Little Bun loves the elements (keeps naming off facts he’s memorized), and so this Visual Encyclopedia of Elements for him, will serve him well now, and as he gets older. Even I find the facts interesting.

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