Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Cardi B – new personal finance guru?

Cardi B lays down her money rules. I like a few of her songs, but most of all, I like her attitude, her moxie. She has her head screwed on straight for finance and is the first celebrity I have heard in a long time, talking honestly about money, budgets and how she still works like she’s broke.

I am really keen on buying this J. Crew Parke blazer. I wasn’t sure what I would think about the quality, but while their other stuff is subpar for the most part, their suiting is still quite good.

People forget that people forget. I know it sounds silly but it is true.

We get outraged and then we forget. Look at all the events that have happened that have devastated countries and areas. People give, are really involved, but are not in there for the long haul – the tsunami in Japan is still affecting them today, Hurricane Katrina still isn’t over for many in New Orleans….

I picked up this Ann Taylor herringbone blazer in white and am in love with it. Perfect summer blazer. Their tops and dresses are polyester and crap, but their jackets and pants, suiting stuff, is not that bad.

I am one of those women in the office who will REFUSE to take on these house working tasks in the office. I won’t organize anything, I won’t plan anything, I am not that person. Ask a man instead.

I have FINALLY found the perfect toys for Little Bun by Rubbabalu – they are all soft, foam and rubber and won’t ruin anything no matter how hard he rams the vehicles into the walls or stairs.

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