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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: On Lost Arts & Artifacts


1. Artifacts

This is just incredible, the 2000+¬† treasures they found hidden in the floorboards of this Tudor manor renovation dating back to the 15th century. They are truly one of a kind pieces. Silk fragments, illegal manuscripts to give Catholic masses, handwritten music… what a find. If I were an archeologist, this would truly be once in a lifetime of excitement I’d never forget. I very much appreciate antiques and old items, so this would be so cool.

2. Rosy

I enjoy supporting smaller independent designers, and/or buying greener/eco-friendly items, so when I come across pieces like this, a beautiful blush pink sweater, that looks right up my alley, I am totally tempted!

3. Tradition

I loved (and found it very sad) that this man is basically the only guy left in Egypt hand-making tiles for palaces and villas (the uber rich basically). It’s a lost art. I found the whole thing quite touching, artistic and beautiful. I love how passionate he seems to be about colours, tile making and how they “speak” to him. His work is stunning, and I wonder how much it costs…

4. How to be..

I picked up these books for Little Bun, as they look fun and he wanted them.

Part of the reason why I think he loves math and schooling so much, is because we made it SO MUCH FUN when he was a toddler (I was looking back at old videos). I watched him do math with puzzle pieces (visual representation), when he was still in diapers at age 2.5 … and he turned to the camera and said: “I did a good job!” .. but in the cutest baby voice. Anyway, my point is to make schooling and subjects fun, and kids will naturally want to learn more. Feed their curiousity.

A friend gave him this one, and he absolutely loved it (even I enjoyed reading it!)

5. The $21K seat

This kid spends the night on a $21,000 first class seat and it is ALL incredible from the shower to the actual bed you can sleep on. I am amazed (and will never, ever get a chance to do this unless someone pays for me HAHA!)

6. Cruella

Probably one of the best movies I have seen all year. I feel like it’s more for adults than for kids, and the fashion is divine. Emma Stone is a FANTASTIC actress.

7. Horror Story

So many emotions reading this. Jeffrey Yang of Doordash….. ended up having his car stolen with his kids in the backseat. I mean, I read this and my heart jumped into my throat. Can you imagine? He was side hustling, and instead of turning off the car, he left it running in the driveway, the thief saw an opportunity and jumped in and took off with his kids in the back. I mean we could say a whole bunch of things in hindsight, but none of it is helpful (some of it was definitely his fault). The story ends well (before you ask), but damn….

I am most of all disgusted that this is the only way he could take care of two kids – age 4 and 2, while his wife stayed at home to tutor their 6-year old, to put food on the table and pay the bills. It just seems so… incredibly wrong. A babysitter would have taken his entire paycheque, so he couldn’t have done that, and yet, he was just trying to feed his family, making $71K for 10 months of work in his best month. It’s hard to say no to that kind of money, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW HE FEELS, believe it or not.

8. Fidgety

I picked up a few of these for some autistic children I know. The feedback came back positive as stress relievers and a gift they really enjoyed, and even some of the adults started using them too!

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