Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 5 ways you pay for more food and don’t even know it

1. Hidden costs

These 5 hidden costs of paying for more food, doesn’t surprise me. I’ve already known this for years because if you actually do any shopping in a grocery store, you will notice from one year to the next, just how little you are getting for basically the same price.

The only items that stay the same cost-wise, are the stuff that are pennies to make to begin with, and their profit margins are so high they don’t need to raise the cost of anything to make up for a rise in the price of steel for instance. Meaning.. they’re already scams to begin with.

2. Fringe benefits

I am loving these earrings from Ann Taylor. There’s something so fun about tassel earrings. My ears are not pierced (eczema is an issue for me), so I wear clip-ons, and I am wondering if I could just buy the earrings I love and make them clip-ons instead. The only issue is getting them to STAY on my ears and not hurt like crazy.

3. Holy melon

Seriously. 2.7 million yen for a pair of perfect Yubari melons at the first auction of the season!? And the video is here if you want to watch it.

4. Bowed over

I have been far more interested in lower heels, and block heels lately. I feel like wearing stilettos has a very limited time and place, and I could see myself in heels but only if they’re as comfortable as flats, as I like to walk a lot. So this beautiful black bow-tie pair from Ann Taylor, with its low block heel is right up my alley. It’s pretty, summery, feminine without being too over the top…!!

5. Restoration ASMR

This is a very relaxing video to repair and clean these Chanel ballerina flats. It means that ANYTHING can be brought to life! I love how it went from being very VERY well used to what it looked like at the end.

6. Madras

Lately, I have been getting into plaid. Oversized plaid, colourful plaid, and there is nothing I like more than a printed plaid skirt, so this madras wrap skirt really hits the spot in terms of being summery and fun, yet work appropriate. They even have a dress version but the ruffles would do my larger shoulders a disservice.

7. Tattooed

The Colourful Story of Maud Wagner, the first female tattoo artist. This is an incredible story and her entire body became a work of art. It looks like she’s wearing a full body lace dress, and it’s fascinating. I love stories like this because women in unconventional jobs, and especially ones that are male-dominated, open up a whole new line of curiousity and thinking for me as to what they did, how they got there, what motivated them, and how it all worked.

8. Draped

Another new style or cut I have been into, has been this drapey sort of look. Oversized for maximum air flow, comfort and slouchy chic, so this black top from Madewell, is exactly the kind of top I’d wear these days.

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