Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: How to avoid hustle culture and Pokémon fails

1. HUSTLE..?

How to escape the hustle culture we are all in. I admit I was caught up in this in 2020, but it is too exhausting to keep.. well, hustling. Have to enjoy life, not just hoard money and die.


I absolutely love the fun, wild prints from this brand. This dress in particular is gorgeous.


When I hear poké I think of food, but this is about Pokémon this time – the largest collection in the world, fails to sell. No one is surprised. Pogs are included in this, remember pogs? If you do, you’re a millennial.


This is the secret ingredients to non-slimy oat milk. Hands down it is what the commercial brands use.

My recipe for non-slimy Oatly-like oat milk is here. It is NOT slimy. It is creamy, not watery. It is literally the commercial oat milk we know and love, and no one seems to be able to replicate at home.


I homeschool Little Bun and I recently put him through the EQAO Grade 3 Ontario curriculum standards test to see if he passed. He did, but I also liked that I could see where we had to work on certain things like context clues in a story. I also gave him the EQAO Grade 6 Ontario test and he scored about 80% on that as well, and it gave me insight into what he was missing in terms of knowledge, and we worked on these missing bits (which he had not reached yet because he was only on Grade 5 books at the time).


This is the best hard drive ever. It is super light, 2TB and a solid-state drive which means no moving parts. It’s excellent, and a great brand.

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