Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What is ‘clean’ beauty exactly?

1. Dirty Pretty Faces

I have always been a fan of using natural products as long as they worked as well, but this article about clean beauty is scaring the F out of me.

“But the US is clearly behind the curve, and consumers don’t have to wait for a warning light from the government to start taking clean beauty seriously. Think about it: The Surgeon General didn’t start worrying about tobacco and cigarette smoke until 1964, even though small studies suggested there was a link between cigarette smoke and cancer as early as the 1920s.”

As the article mentions – I’ll use up what I have, and then switch out to the greener stuff that is more biodegradeable even if it costs more money – I’d rather be safe than sorry. I know Josie Maran has a Black Oil Mascara I can easily use instead.

2. Sorry?

Stop saying sorry so much. This is what you should say instead. I have actively and painfully cut this word out of my vocabulary. I just say – Do you have 5 minutes?. It is easier than you think, just go mute on your instinct to say “Sorry, do you have 5 minutes“, and say what you planned on saying.

3. Cosy up

This sweater is hands down, my favourite one of all from MM Lafleur. It is chic, it is belted, it is snuggly…. It is .. THE MORANDI! I’m also partial to the Daphne because this colour is just so pretty. If you want something more affordable, this Cascade Open Cardigan from LOFT is <3 chic and ON SALE.

4. Revenge

A badass woman – Naz Vahid who was told when she started that she couldn’t be a leader at Citibank, and 15 years later, she became his boss. YESSSSSS!

5. Mr. T

Finally, a delicate, chic, gold chain necklace that doesn’t look like a Mr. T piece! If that isn’t your thing, someone as badass as Mr. T would be RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and you can channel some of her Notorious RBG power with this Banana Republic version of the Notorious statement necklace.

6. Clocked

How long should you wait before you ask if someone wants kids? To be honest, we never talked about it in this manner. I just basically stopped taking the pill when I was 29, and 4 days later I was pregnant by accident.

I thought it would take a few months even a year, but it happened so quickly and we couldn’t have been happier. As happy as my story is, I know friends who have tried for years with no luck, some even with IVF multiple times.  So…… if you want children, don’t wait to talk about it. Do as I say, not as I do. 🙂

7. Cowgirl

I am in love with chambray shirts. Ever since I got my first one, I have two or three now, and this J. Crew one is giving me all the feels. I’d wear it under this Chanel-esque metallic tweed blazer from Banana Republic for a casual layer and pair it with this very chic LOFT Crossbody Bag for a night out or, pair it with this Dagne Dover Classic Tote for work (the compartments in this thing is ridiculous and it is SO ORGANIZED).

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