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Do you ever go back to get price adjustments?

What I don’t get with retailers is that you can return unused items within 30 days, but price adjustments are only good for a week or two.

Personally, if I see a sale, I go to the store with my old receipt and ask for a price adjustment.

(I’ve done this twice so far.)

Sometimes they give it to me, even if it’s past the week or two weeks, other times, they flat out tell me “No”.


If they don’t give that price adjustment to me, I buy the exact, same item on sale, and then return it with its tags on with my old receipt within 30 days, and get the discount anyway.

You don’t even need to try and return your old item with tags still on it, because you’re returning the new one instead.

The only time this backfires on me is if my item is sold out in the stores and I can’t buy a new one to return it under my old receipt.

Is this unethical?

I think it toes the line. I’ll admit to that, but It annoys the crap out of me that I could have purchased something with a sale (10% even 15% off) just because my timing was off by 2 weeks.

Frankly, all retailers should have that policy of price adjustments within 30 days (or the period of returns), because who really checks a store as diligently as I do to make sure I get the best price possible?


Most people are too lazy to even even return anything they buy, even if they don’t like it or it doesn’t fit. It just sits in their closet with tags still on it, unworn.

I know a girl who bought a thousand-dollar jacket.

She could have returned it within 14 days, but didn’t want to bother going back to the store to return it, so she just gave it to her little sister instead.

That was really nice of her… but she was buying it on credit card, and I think she might have had a little fear of returning anything to a store, just in case the sales clerk would judge her and think she’s “too poor” to afford it.

In other situations, she buys lots of stuff online, it doesn’t fit, and she doesn’t even ship it back because she doesn’t want to pay the $20 it costs to do so.

*shakes head*

Retailers are just counting on us to NOT be diligent to check for sales, but hey.. a dollar is a dollar.

What do you think? Is this an unethical practice?


  • s

    yes. i once bought some stuff and it went down in price by 7 dollars just a few hours later! i always try to get the best deal so if that includes price adjustments, so be it. the fact that retailers offer this service seems like more of a courtesy than ripping them off…

  • Izabela Michalska

    The story about the girl who bought an expensive jacket is shocking (I’m lost for words how much shocking for me it is).
    I don’t have those problems, but sometimes I buy some food and at home I notice – there is sth wrong with it. Is it worth to go back to shop and ask for my money back? It could be a bottle of milk. Is it worth to go back? Sometimes not – especially when I bought it in a different part of town. However, the loss of money is always pain for me.

  • Dana

    I recently bought 2 chairs from a store whose own price guarantee policy was only 14 days and this was approx. 40 days later. I called Mastercard, filled out a pretty basic form, scanned my receipt, a print out of the new lower price as well as the store’s policy and about 2 weeks later got a credit on my statement for $115! Worth looking into if the store route fails.

  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    Ehhhh returning the new garment with old receipt is kind of borderline imo, but then again I am too lazy to ever go back to a store for a price adjustment.

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