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Quick Guide to Different Types of Purses, and Handbags with Examples!

I was asked a long time ago by a reader to create a post on the list and types of bags, and here it is (finally, months after!). Sorry. You know, #momlife.


Long, sausage shaped, in leather, in nylon and perfect for going to the gym but going for a weekend as well.


Not your backpack from school days, you can get them up into the thousands made out of exotic leathers from The Row, or just a simple Herschel cotton bag to sling over the back.

I love a good leather backpack because it just holds everything and looks great. I even own one in paper!


Roomy, wider bottom with a smaller top, it was meant for .. BOWLING.. holding a bowling ball and your shoes, but look really cool and retro.


Bucket bags look like.. well. buckets.

Deep mouth on the bag with a drawstring top you can tie up but I found a nice thrifted navy blue version that is zippered with a side zipper section as well.


You clutch it in your hand. No straps, no handles, you tuck it under your arm and it comes in so many wonderful shapes and sizes now.

From a large envelope clutch that looks like a massive leather folio, to a smaller silk clutch that can be tucked under your arm, they’re perfect for a night out, or just to give some ‘chic’ boost to your outfit (no shoulder straps, no hand straps, just an effortless tuck under the arm).


I own a TON of these.

They are large crescent or larger bucket-styled shaped bags that hang from your shoulder and has a large compartment section that has a closure — either a magnetic clasp or a zipper.


These are usually rectangular, with long shoulder straps (or short handle ones), and you can sling it over your shoulder and it has little pockets in the front and inside with a zip.

They are parallel from top to bottom.


A flat rectangular bag with a long strap across your body but can be adjusted to be shorter. Sometimes it has a very long, large flap across the front.


A medium sized bag that has a long strap and a flap to close it, a lot like a messenger bag, but it has a flap across the front, and you wear it cross-body, or you can hold it by the handles.

It usually also has two little snaps in the front either made of real buckle and straps, or just a magnetic snap.


A small bag on the end of a long thin strap — think of the Classic Chanel Flap bag. Very ladylike and can be straps with a chain or with a plain strap.

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