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Ask Sherry: On what I do for a living and how I get work

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what do you do for a living?

and how are you able to get gain those skills? Thanks!

Read this.

I’m curious about how you came to work with a freelance broker! Is it an agency? An individual? How did you find one (or multiple?) to represent you? The only ones I’ve come across seem so scammy.

They contact me. I don’t contact them. I just have a profile on LinkedIn, and they message me there. Former colleagues also send along job postings but generally speaking, they don’t need to – I always get the same ones they do.

I don’t let anyone represent me, they’re freelancers like I am, or recruiters. They hold / win contracts from companies, and then they search for people to fill the positions, using LinkedIn.

Over the years, they build a database of names and contacts, and then ask for referrals within the industry of other skills, which is how they get my name because my former colleagues and clients recommend me highly.

If you’re in an industry they need, they’ll find you. Over time, you’ll know from colleagues who to trust/who not to trust, and you go from there.

Clients also remember / contact you directly for contracts if you’re good.

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    The reason she won’t tell you what she does for a living is because it’s easy and anyone could do it. Were it not easy (rocket science or gene splicing) she would BE SURE to tell you. How about it? How about being transparent about what it is you actually do ma’am?

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