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Ask Sherry: Do I fear for my safety when I take the bus?

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According to the pictures that show your lovely, gorgeous wardrobe, have you ever feared for your safety whenever you take public transportation?

You know, I never thought about it.

I do not fear for my safety as I have the privilege to live in a country that is safe and not malicious.

I do get some looks, and I have had some comments from other women who whisper when they see my bags (I carried my Givenchy Antigona) and she was saying to her friend : “Don’t stare now! But she is carrying the bag I want, the Givenchy..” .. but other than that, nothing malicious.

I was also stopped at the post office once when I was wearing this outfit and the lady told me she loved everything about each piece I was wearing.

I feel very safe. I am also careful and I don’t go down dark alleyways alone.

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  • Mia

    Lots of very successful people take public transit in big cities. Mayor Bloomberg and Sarah Jessica Parker ride the nyc subway.

    • Mia

      I’ve also seen some fairly well known political folks riding the bus and metro in Washington, DC. I recognize them and I’m sure others do, too.

      Riding public transit is part of the culture in a certain big cities, especially since it is often the most efficient way to get somewhere. It’s very safe in many cities too, if you stick to certain lines.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      This is great, but also because taking cabs is the same as taking the metro because I have experienced that. HAHA!

  • Jen

    It’s probably different in a bigger city, but where I am high quality and/or designer stuff totally goes under the radar. People generally don’t recognize it and don’t care. Now if I was wearing one of the popular “designer” mall brands with huge or repeated logos, then I would have to worry about being jumped. Something like Givenchy, they would see the brand name and it would not mean a thing.

    Sometimes I wish I could run into another person who “gets it”…not because I want to flaunt anything (truthfully I’m not wealthy, just a super thrifter), but because I do a ton of research into quality and it would be neat to meet someone like-minded who gets excited about the same stuff.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      YOU AND ME BOTH! I carry Givenchy and have Hermes boots, but only people who are into that, can recognize that and squee with me over the great deal I got for something so luxurious.

      You are right though — wearing LV or recognizable designer brands from the mall, are more likely to make people sit up and stare, but Celine, or any of those other low-key brands that only we would know, are completely bypassed unless… you know.

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