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Ask Sherry: What would I do if I didn’t have my current job?

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If you didn’t choose your current profession, what other professions would have been on your option list?

I didn’t even choose THIS profession to be honest. I fell into it, hated it, was told to stick it out for a year (as advice), then loved it.

I originally wanted to be a teacher, then in advertising/marketing because I felt like I was quite creative but with a good head for organization and numbers, and then I thought maybe I would go into something in business but with no idea what exactly.

Hypothetically speaking, if your current profession didn’t work anymore, what would you do then for a living and how would you prepare for that (formal or informal education)?

Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else, but.. if I had to choose.. I guess I would stay in business, in general. I have no idea what exactly, but definitely not accounting. I would hate to do debits and credits for a living.

I don’t mind doing it for the company, 10-ish hours a year, but not 2000, that’s for dang sure.

I think I’m pretty good at teaching. I suspect I would be terrible at teaching kids who don’t want to learn because I’m impatient and strict, but I enjoy making learning fun..although I wonder if that is just because of Little Bun.

I love teaching him, watching his brain light up when he understands something, and feeling such a rush of pride when he just GETS IT, and it makes sense to him. I love seeing that brightness show up in his eyes and the wheels click in.

I also really like helping people in general, so maybe I would do something in customer service, or even with financial planning… maybe career coaching. I seem to have a knack for encouraging people to crush it.

Sometimes you just need a little push, outside confirmation of what you are feeling to give you that boost of confidence and strength.

To be clear, I wouldn’t necessarily go straight into becoming a teacher, advertiser, marketer, professional coach, whatever…. if my job no longer existed. Those are jobs I COULD have taken if mine never existed to begin with.

In today’s world, this day and time however, I am and would be able to find plenty of jobs that need my current skills today, and to prepare for my new profession? I would just apply for jobs in it.

I’d apply for jobs indirectly related to what I used to do, or using the same skills/knowledge I have and apply it there. It’s just a short learning curve, and I have the stepping stone in place.

Hell, I get requests all the time for indirectly related areas and I always decline.

If you know how to do something in one area, you can apply it to another.

It’s just learning a new process or new vocabulary or a new industry, but it’s the same core skills I have now that can apply elsewhere.

I will pretty much never be unemployed outside of a 6-figure salary for the rest of my career. That much, is sure. I have a wide range of skills that everyone is looking for. Not only that, I build on them each time I am somewhere. I’m not idle, I’m not lazy, I am HUSTLING to learn even more in my area and all around it.

If you even come close to what I do, and you have to let’s say work with me on something, I will pick your brain until you’re left on the floor, exhausted from my endless questions and queries.

The only thing is whether or not I can continue making this kind of bank if my job never existed or disappeared, is another story altogether.

Maybe not 5-figures a month, but 6-figures a year is the minimum I’d earn with what I know…. That is for certain.

I just couldn’t be sure if I would enjoy the job, necessarily…

A medical question: is there any type of anesthesia that you fear and would not have, or avoid as much as possible (spinal, epidural, general, etc.)?

I don’t know enough about this to avoid any of it. I had an epidural when I did my C-section to have my Baby Bun, but I did notice I couldn’t really feel or move my legs for at least 24 hours afterwards… but I had no adverse effects or feelings towards it.

I am GOOD for anything that stops the pain when it is unnecessary.

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