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5 top books to give as gifts to new parents

I am not into gifts per se, being a minimalist and all but I have to admit, there are some books that Baby Bun is obsessed with (like everyone else his age), and here they are:


First time I saw this, I thought:

What a stupid book.

Goodnight this, goodnight that.. there’s no story!

There is NOTHING!

But then I looked closer and the illustrations change even though the room is the same. The mouse moves, the moon goes up in the sky, the old lady is in her chair, then she isn’t… these are all things children notice and are obsessed with.

I completely highly recommend buying this book for every new parent.

I picked up the Big Board version (it is HUGE) not the little board one, and Baby Bun loves it.


If you have a little caterpillar that can go into the holes in the book, this is even more exciting for them.

He loves it, and loves flipping all the short pages of the book to get from one fruit to the other.

He also loves it when it gets really fat at the end and becomes a beautiful butterfly.


OMG. He loves Bear Hunt. He loves singing along, he loves it when I make noises.. it is insane how much he loves The Bear Hunt and running home from the bear.

A real classic for children, and the online illustrated video is just as well done.


Eric Carle is like the guru of toddler books.

This is another good one to buy, but I have the Panda Bear, Panda Bear version in Big Board with little flaps that Baby Bun can slide open and close to see and show other animals.


The version above is the small board version but the big board version has 4 animals in a square on the front; THIS ONE is the bomb because you can slide and find animals which BABY BUN LOVES.

He has started pretty much memorizing the words slowly and reading them out to me with his finger pointing at each word.

I know he’s not actually reading the word because when I point out any of those words in another context, he can’t say it.


This is another book of Baby Bun that he LOVES to read. He especially enjoys lifting up the flaps to find the animals. He LOVES this book.

Spot in general is a good bet, but this particular one is great for him.

I will say that the flaps are flimsy and won’t last. They will rip of and bend into a million pieces, so maybe.. buy.. two copies.. LOL



He is a boy’s boy. He loves everything to do with wheels, cars, buses and trucks.

This particular one, grabs his attention because the truck is small like him, and carries things. It is all in French, so when I read it, I translate into English for now.


This is not a board book but it is very interactive for children.

You shake, you rub the circle.. the kids LOVE IT but it is a paper book.



  • Sarah Li Cain

    I love the jolly postman. Its about a postman (duh) who delivers letters and you can open them up. I also *ahem* have “everyone poops” because potty training us starting soon……

  • Kandice

    Long, long reply ahead. Fair warning. 🙂
    PI’d definitely recommend the following books. We bought our own copies and got an insane amount of use out of them. But, we are book people, and my husband I read voraciously. In the last five years, we’ve donated books we’ve read if we know we won’t read them again, or that we won’t consult them at a later date. Otherwise, 9/10 books now are bought for kindle. We literally donated 150-200 kids books, at least 4-500 adult books, and a bazillion boxes of art supplies, school supplies, and coloring books (to our local child protective services office for kids/moms who literally came in with the clothes on their backs). That being said, I totally recommend these:

    Sandra Boynton books, especially Snuggle Puppy and Pajama Time. Great cadence and rhythm for reading out loud.

    The Cheerios books are great for keeping little ones occupied at a restaurant when they’re hangry lunatics and want their food like 30 minutes ago. They use Cheerios to fill in little holes in the book made specifically for the Cheerios. It’s brilliant.

    My grandmother gave my daughter a book called The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown (I think that’s right). Perfection for keeping a 3 year old occupied from the second row pew in church. Also, snacks.

    A fun little set of books is the series Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.
    Guess how much I love you? By Sam McBratney et al.
    I Will Love You Forever by Caroline Church. (Crying sentimental mushy mommy alert.)

    Any of the Dr. Seuss books. Actually, get a full collectors edition. At least here in the states, every year during Read Across America Week they celebrate his birthday, make crazy hats inspired by his books one day, and on year there was a Dr. Seuss themed pumpkin decorating contest for Halloween. My kids loved soooo many of these books.

    Any of the Pat the Bunny, or other tactile books.
    The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle.
    Where is Maisy? By Lucy Cousins.

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