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Happiness changes as you age

As a child, it is hanging out with your parents and eating candy.

Or as Baby Bun would testify to, it is also being able to touch things and do things that your parents don’t want you to touch, like light sockets with covers on them, or trying to pull the tablecloth full of food down all over the floor.


As you age, your happiness goal might be to have a family, own a house, or hit a certain salary in your earnings.

Whatever it is, the point is that you make your own happiness. It changes as you age.

What you wanted today, is not necessarily what you will want tomorrow, so there is no point in chasing “happiness” per se.

It is best to try and chase what your happiness is today and work towards making today the best day of your life.

What could you change today? What is upsetting you right now?

How can you fix it so that you are happier?


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