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What is happiness to you?

It can be hard to search for this elusive state of happiness, but philosophy is a subject that I’m gradually getting more into as a way to find those answers.



It’s a bunch of things for me:

  1. Having enough money to pay for my needs (food, shelter, clothing)
  2. Having a job that interests and challenges me
  3. Being confident and sure of who I am as a person
  4. Seeing the world regulated with a form of justice or karma
  5. Being able to do what I want


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Posted on June 25, 2018

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  1. dean

    Wow op, you couldn’t summarize my happiness list better (exclude num 4) thanks for sharing also the intro was 100% right (i’m not like that but many are)

  2. BP

    To me, happiness is about having choices.

  3. Lisa

    Happiness is having zero worries! No worries about how I’ll pay the bills, or if I can afford to travel, etc.

  4. Marie-Josée

    I am happy when I am debt free (except my mortgage), when I spend a lot of time surrounded by the people I love and when I have a lot of free time. I devote a lot of time to shopping for food and cooking, nurturing my health and the health of the planet aligns with my values and that makes me happy too.

  5. Kathryn @ Making Your Money Matter

    Feeling like what I’m doing ACTUALLY matters – with my family, work, everything!

  6. Clarrise @ Savvy Scot

    For me, happiness is having enough money to spend for my family and to be with my family always.

  7. Sarah

    People treating me with respect and financial stability – I get very frustrated otherwise 🙁


      When do people not respect you???

  8. Anne

    Happiness is people I love. Having enough money does not hurt, either.


      “Enough” is the key word

  9. Paula

    Number 4 is the best one… LOL

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