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What do you consider very ugly?

Anything that makes me sad / disappointed, and look away and not want to look again.

Not much enters this sphere except maybe snakes. I’ve had a fear of them ever since I tried to “read” the encyclopedia my parents had, and I saw a picture of a huge snake unhinging its jaws to half-swallow a mouse.

It scared me so much I slammed the book shut and had nightmares. I dislike hate snakes to this day.

I don’t hate them as much as before, because now I find them kind of pretty, but I still refuse to have anything with ‘snakeskin’ on it.

A photo by Alfonso Castro.


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  • SarahN

    I hate mould… It skeezes me out and I just wish people would clean the silicone or replace it!!

    Snakes – I’m OK with. I mean I’m not hugging them, but you know, nothing too worrisome. And I find fish beautiful but have a fear of them touching me!?

  • raluca

    I absolutely hate snakes.
    Not because they are ugly, but because when I was maybe 6 or 7 one wound itself up on my grandma’s ankle before she could kill it, when we were out on the farm. It was not venomous, but man, it traumatized me for life.
    Also, I seem to have an ability to find them everywhere. It’s like they know I hate them and they take great pleasure in tormenting me. During my honeymoon we visited the Danube delta, which is an absolutely wonderful place. We took a boat trip with some stops on islands along the way. Not only did we find snakes on 2 of the islands, but a water snake also tried to board our boat when we were traveling between the islands. The boatman managed to fend it off luckily but man, I thought it was going to get into the boat with us.
    In short, I hate snakes. I really hate snakes. But I think wearing snakeskin anything would, oddly, not bother me too much. BECAUSE THE BASTARDS WOULD BE DEAD!

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