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Want to read full RSS feeds in Google Reader? Use Chrome Super Full Feeds for Google Reader.

As the title says!

You know how sometimes you find a great blog but ALAS they only let you have PARTIAL feeds?

(Due to a number of reasons: Making you click through, Privacy issues with having the posts be permanently catalogued in Google Reader forever, and/or any other situation.)

Fear no more of unsubscribing to them:

  1. You need to use Google Chrome: Download here. (Available for Mac and PCs.)
  2. You need to already be using Google Reader: Link here.
  3. You need to install this Chrome App called Super Full Feeds for Google Reader: Download here once you have Google Chrome installed.

Then you get to click on any RSS feed to see it the way you want:

Readable: Lets you read it in Google Reader by taking the rest of the partial feed and expanding it.

Link: Sometimes this doesn’t work, so it lets you see the whole post as a link in an embedded window, as if you are on their page.

Feed: The regular feed setting.



(You’re welcome.)


  • CorianneM

    At the moment, I don’t subscribe to any short feeds, but bookmarking this for future use!

    I love it that on the internet, there’s almost always someone who’s had the same problem as me and solved it 🙂

  • Mike Holman

    I used to hate short feeds, but I switched my blog to them in order to better gauge the popularity of the various topics I write about.

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