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  • jose

    These are all great and have put a bright spot in my day, Thanks!

  • femmefrugality

    Aw, I love all of these! I’d be so shocked if that guy came back to fix up my mailbox. Shocked but pleased. I’ve also heard of people doing that on flights with their kids. Great way to make people hate you a little less. 🙂

  • Budget & the Beach

    If that was me and I found a koala on the side of the road asking for water, I’d put the koala in my bike basket, put a helmet on him, and take him home to live with me. My heart would melt. They are so f’n cute!

  • Michelle

    I love all of these. The koala one and the one with the princesses at Disneyland are just so cute!

  • Joe

    Very neat. I’ve seen this graphic and generally have the “awww that’s so kind” response except for the “returned wallet” one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine that the person didn’t absorb the cost of mailing the wallet to its owner but that makes it an unexceptional application of a basic moral duty. Really the only other option the person who found it had was to leave it in the rental car/mail it/just steal the whole thing. Obviously all of those are immoral. If the person had absorbed the $10 mailing cost and sent it all back then it would have been a stellar example of paying it forward. I think it’s a sad statement about our society when it’s an “incredible display of humanity” to take out $10 for mailing costs and ship a wallet to its owner.

    Also, the iPhone one is great except the people call themselves “extraordinarily kind” people. Bizarre.

    Finally, the one where the envelope is taped to the snack machine — are those loonies or Sacagawea dollars? lol

    • Mochi & Macarons

      Well I think I can allow them a little vanity if they’d return my wallet and iPhone to me.

      I wouldn’t mind in the slightest them taking the money and mailing it to me. I’d gladly pay it, and for me, they don’t NEED to return my wallet, but they did anyway.

      What’s $10 for that kind of kindness?

  • Liquid_Independence

    Faith in humanity restored 😀

  • StudentDebtSurvivor

    My favorite post of the day! Love RAOK

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