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Update: Parts of my Minimalist Home and Apartment – The Bedrooms

I originally posted photos of my minimalist home and apartment here, and thought an update was in order to see what has changed since I have last posted.

This is our main bedroom. I hate the wall colour. I did not choose it. Let’s leave it at that.

We sleep on a futon on the floor (these are the 10 reasons why a minimalist futon is the best), and we sleep on a California King + Twin put together on the floor.

The room.. looks.. HUGE. We don’t have a massive bed with massive furniture in the middle of it, sucking up all the space. We have super high ceilings now (optical illusion) because we’re on the floor, and it feels so open.

The space is ours to use as we wish.

To play on, read, set up picnics with stuffed animals, play with numbers, do yoga… WHATEVER.

This is the best bed for us and the most versatile.

This is Little Bun’s future room.

His only stuff in here are his books and his map for now. We have a desk for him for the future, the two chairs are spare chairs for when we have guests over… and that monitor is for him for the future.

Right now my partner has stolen his closet to use as his own until he gets older.

When it comes time to move his stuff out, he is going to buy a rack or a wardrobe from Ikea, and put it in the middle of our bedroom, by the wall where Little Bun’s clothes are currently residing in baskets:

That is a future plan. We have no other space / wardrobe (the walk-in closet is all mine, a full post on that later).


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