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Update: Parts of my Minimalist Home and Apartment – The Kitchen & Living Room

I originally posted photos of my minimalist home and apartment here, and thought an update was in order to see what has changed since I have last posted.

So nothing much has really changed in the kitchen from my last post, except we have new custom made bar chairs to eat on that match our other shorter dining room chairs (see below):

When we have more guests over (three times a year, at best), we pull out our living room desks and set it up in the middle of the room with a table cloth, and pull together our office chairs (we bought 6 custom made ones in total).

Each chair was about $300. So.. we bought 6 dining chairs, 3 bar chairs, total of 9 chairs, and spent about $2700 plus taxes.

This is my fridge…. this is how we keep a minimalist fridge.. Setup has stayed the same.

We each have our own rack, and the rest of food for whatever.

No food waste unless we accidentally burn it or drop it.

Our side fridge. Bio-K (I LOVE THIS STUFF to keep me healthy, it actually works), and milks for the both of us.

Little Bun drinks organic goat, I drink organic cow’s milk.

This is our freezer with frozen tomato paste made for the winter for our meals:

This is our living room.

Spare bar chair in the corner is my partner’s, he pulls it up to the bar on the other side where the kitchen is when we eat together, and then puts it away when we’re done (we don’t leave it out — no space in the kitchen for that).

We also have a rack for kitchenware. We have more kitchenware to bring back from my parents’ place, planning on a trip back next year to do this.

This is where we work and spend a lot of our time.

The tables are used for dinner parties (yes we remove EVERYTHING and then set up the living room for events, as they’re so rare).. and these shorter chairs were also custom made, and they are the ones we pull out for dinner parties.

YES it takes time to do this, but we don’t use a formal dining room as often. *shrug*… we only hold dinner things once, maybe three times a year max. Not even. Not worth it to have a room or a setup for less than 1% of our time spent in it.

I am getting monitors for my side (far right), and Little Bun sits in between us when we work or when he wants to watch his videos.

Our linens for the kitchen are in that white cabinet in the middle.



  • GYM

    Wow love it, super minimalist.
    Your custom made chairs look super solid!

    Do you use a laundry rack?

    We are building a sink on our kitchen island too and I am worried about the dishes that will stack up the island.
    We don’t usually dry dishes and we let them air dry.

    I was reading some people use the laundry mat instead of a rack.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      The custom made chairs were done by a local artisan so we are very pleased with them. Local purchase, they will last for life, and it feels nice to sit on them.

      I don’t use a laundry rack… we actually have a system of a laundry line strung up across the apartment and when we have to, we hang it there, or we hang our clothes on plastic hangers and leave them in the bathroom to dry over night.

      The dishes DO PILE UP. I used to not dry dishes and let them air dry – still do this in a crunch when I don’t have time but the laundry mat is a good idea, a drying mat for the counter. I just don’t have one because I am now training Little Bun to sit on the chair and dry the dishes and bowls while I am washing them. It’s his new job.

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