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Update: Parts of my Minimalist Home and Apartment – The Bathroom

I originally posted photos of my minimalist home and apartment here, and thought an update was in order to see what has changed since I have last posted.

This is my bathroom. I try to keep it pretty minimal.

Just soap, and my makeup brushes and toothbrush (won’t fit anywhere else). My partner put up a little hook for my hairbands to tie my hair back on the right on the wall.

There is a little toiletry cabinet on the top right wall my partner installed (storage and space was MUCH NEEDED in this minimalist bathroom), and I have obviously packed it full.

I stopped keeping items on the actual sink itself as I used to, and my partner removed the rack on the right, it was too small and kept falling off the mirror.

I have tried to cut down on everything I own, and I can stand to get rid of maybe another box or two of items, but this just takes time to work through all the creams I have, to slowly eliminate products I bought to try but do not see working or having any effect…

I also keep my pills and things locked up here (it is a childproofed cabinet) from Little Bun’s fingers.

The back of the bathroom door has hooks for my loungewear and my outfits for the next day so I can quickly and quietly close the door, get dressed and go.

The insides of my drawers have changed, I have packed more into it.

This is the first drawer, left side. They are vintage obis that were made into clutches which I now use as pouches to hold all my necklaces. By the colour, I know the style / type of necklace it is, and can find most of my necklaces (some are too heavy to hang), easily.

This is the right side of the first drawer where I keep my rings in a vintage jewellery box from the 1920s there (gorgeous GORGEOUS piece), my watches, more rings, and stuff I need.

This is the second drawer just below on the left side with my rolled up everyday underwear on the left, my bras, lingerie at the back…

And bracelets on the right that Little Bun loves to open and choose my bracelet and cuffs for me:

And now way under the sink, we have added three crates.

One for spare toilet paper, the middle for dirty Little Bun underwear, and clean underwear on the right. He doesn’t have many accidents any more but it was getting tiresome running back and forth to the bedroom to get him fresh underwear each time.

The shower holds one caddy now (for all my shower things):

And I have hooks on the left of the sink above the toilet to hold all the towels.



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