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Sensitive to perfumes, fragrances and smells? How to remove them from hair, skin, etc.


I used to wear perfumes years ago. My partner hates the smell of them, so over a decade ago, I stopped wearing them or using anything with a strong smell. Over the years, I have become so sensitive to perfumes, that I actually can’t handle it any more.

A small whiff here and there is fine, I even think it smells nice, but if I am smelling perfume (even on someone else) after a minute or so if they’re close to me, talking to me, in my car, etc… I start to feel dizzy, nauseous and sick.

As a result, I cannot stand perfumes in long doses any more. Even scented candles are out, the smell makes me sick after a while.

What happened:

I bought a hair mask the other day to help my hair, and I LOVED the after effects, but smelled a perfume coming out of it. It didn’t seem to be strong but after I put it in, WHOA. It totally stank up the entire perfume-free home, everyone got sick, I was nauseous.

What I did:

I washed my hair EIGHT TIMES with shampoo but it is not strong enough to remove the stench.

I did two hair washes with Marseilles soap (like castile soap) TWICE to remove the smell.

No go.

I finally made a baking soda slurry out of water and baking soda, and spread it all over my hair, and left it in for 5 minutes the first night. It got some of it out.

The next morning, I made another baking soda slurry and just COVERED my head and hair in it for an hour.

That got most of it out.

I tried rinsing with apple cider vinegar (I literally poured it on my head), and got another good strong dose of it out, it was ALMOST gone.

I then broke apart activated charcoal capsules (I could not find jars of it). I used about 4 capsules but it is because I have a lot of hair and I wanted it GONE.

I spread the dry charcoal through my slightly damp hair, tied it up in a bun, and sat outside for 2 hours (not in the sun), then washed my hair thoroughly.

Smell, is finally gone.

For the next time:

Skip shampooing, it will not get anything out. Try baking soda slurry with activated charcoal inside for maximum smell removal, leave it in your hair for about a half an hour to an hour, and then rinse with apple cider vinegar. That should absolutely get rid of the smell. 100%.


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