Save. Spend. Splurge. Ebates Canada Referral Code – Is the Cashback app and portal trustworthy and safe?

If I am going to shop anyway, why not make some extra cash back doing it?

If I am going to buy on Amazon anyway, or any other site, why not make some cashback while shopping? I am not purposefully shopping to make this money, I am ALREADY shopping and having this cash as a bonus on the side. Win-Win.

Referral Code for a free $5

Here is my Ebates Canada Referral for $5 in your account automatically!

Is it worth it? Here is my screenshot since I joined:

Ever since Rakuten took over, payments are smooth, no hassle and it all actually works.

I have been quite pleased, and HAVE been getting paid, so it can’t hurt.

A few tips on using Rakuten / Ebates

Always click on the portal FIRST for Rakuten / Ebates before you put anything into your cart

I have been curious as to why my last purchases didn’t make it through and it was because I already had it in my cart before I went back to the portal.

You need to click on Ebates / Rakuten to go through the portal to activate it, AND THEN put the items into your cart.

Download the Rakuten / Ebates Google Chrome Add-on

I have this Rakuten Google Chrome Add-on that always pushes me through the portal so I don’t forget to click and activate the cashback.

Link your Paypal ID

They send me all my payments via Paypal, and I withdraw the money to my bank account linked to Paypal.

Done. It is so easy…

Good luck and happy cashing!

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