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My top 5 items when traveling

Portable battery charger

I actually have one just for when I go out. I use my phone so much for hotspotting when I work in the car, or when I need it for whatever reason. I used to have an old one from Belkin that was way too heavy, now I have a newer model that is lighter which is this one – Belkin Portable Charger Bank. It’s lighter than even my phone and works great in a pinch when you don’t want to be tethered to a charger.

Noise cancelling headphones

Any great pair will do – Sennheiser for instance, mine are from Bose and they work great. They are very useful just to block out airplane noise and so on, if you just want to be in silence and listen to nothing. I would recommend OVER the ear cups rather than ON the ear cups as your ears will get fatigued.

Travel document organizer

You can use anything from a zippered pouch or a fancy passport holder, but I like using the larger Moleskine accordion folio things in the Pocket size as it fits my passport and my documents as well.

Medication CONTAINER

These medication containers aren’t just for your daily pills or vitamins, I also put a few pills for headaches, anything else I would need a pill for that might help. Little compartments help separate everything out.

I also really like this Port & Polish pill organizer. It’s so beautiful.

Small bag for cables

Any pouch will do. I like the Stasher silicone pouches as they’re see through, and you can use them for various purposes, as they also have a little hook on them. But a separate cables bag helps me immensely because otherwise they get lost in the bag. I also put the battery pack in there so it’s all together.

The Stasher pouches are also handy in a pinch to use as a waterproof pouch for when (if?) you go to the pool or beach, and want to keep your phone or other items waterproof.

I also like those Stasher pouches for my liquids and toiletries, as they stand up.

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