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Week of Money: Where Little Bun tries to teach Babiest Stuffie manners


7:40 p.m. — I make a sea urchin pasta and Little Bun adores it.


8:08 a.m. — This really irks me – financial abuse is rampant and treated as normal because the as the old trope goes: “Women can’t be trusted with money, they’ll waste it all”…

The post is entitled: “I went over budget so my husband confiscated everything”, and she goes on to talk about how she bought a few extra things, shopped a little at Sephora, and he saw the statement and lost it.



7:40 p.m. — OMG this exchange between Little Bun and Babiest Stuffie (played by yours truly) made me laugh so hard all night..

Babiest Stuffie: Achoo! -*pretends to wipes nose on Little Bun*

Little Bun: EEWWWW!!! you pig!! I am not a napkin!!!!

Babiest Stuffie: Your shirt looks like a big wearable napkin! So soft and wipeable!

Little Bun: It’s not a napkin! It’s a shirt!

Babiest Stuffie: It looks like one! It’s white! And soft!

Little Bun: You dirty pig!!

Me as Mommy: But pigs are actually very clean

Little Bun: FINE. YOU dirty dog!

Babiest Stuffie: Waaaaah!!

Little Bun: Let’s do an analysis by doing a test to see if you’re dirty or not

Babiest Stuffie: okay!

Little Bun: Would you like a tangerine?

Babiest Stuffie: Yes please! Nom nom nommmmm

Little Bun: would you like to wipe your face on Tae-Tae?

(A huge Stuffie pillow)

Babiest Stuffie: I could. I could wipe my face right here…….. It’s so soft and like a napkin…… It looks great. And so inviting…..

Little Bun: Well? what do you choose?

Babiest Stuffie:.. I choose.. YOU!!!! *wipes face on Little Bun’s shirt*

Little Bun: EWWWWW NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Babiest Stuffie: YOU SAID I COULD CHOOSE!!

Little Bun: I meant Tae-Tae!! Not on me!

Babiest Stuffie: What do I do then? Lie here until the tangerine juice dries off me? And wait for a dog to come and lick it off my face? Is that what you want? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT

Little Bun: No! You could wash your face! Or go on a napkin! Or wash your face!

Babiest Stuffie: You said I could choose!!!

Little Bun: OK. Test stage number two.

Babiest Stuffie: Achoo!

Little Bun: There’s a big napkin in front of you *taps on Tae-Tae*

Babiest Stuffie: Wait a minute why did you say napkin! This feels like a setup! This is a Tae-Tae!!! This is so sus*.

Little Bun: Okay what do you choose

Babiest Stuffie: A napkin!

Little Bun: *hands him another Stuffie*

Babiest Stuffie: No! This is Biggest Stuffie! I want a napkin!

Little Bun hands him a tee shirt

Babiest Stuffie: Is this a trick? This is not a napkin! This is a shirt!

Little Bun: It is okay you can use it

Babiest Stuffie: Okay… *suspiciously wipes nose on it*

*sus = suspicious

… lol … this is what our nights are like. Some of them are truly hilarious.


8:08 p.m. — Our activity for tonight. He loves word games and anything to do with letters, or coming up with words from letters.



7:16 p.m. — We start a game of Scrabble.


9:25 p.m. — He sleepily tells me: Mommy I need a blanket. I wrap one around him and he mumbles this as he drifts off to sleep: I love you

… does that not make your heart just melt?


9:08 a.m. — I take him to the park to play, and he splashes around in all the puddles created from the melted snow. We spend an hour and a half, and he gleefully pokes at the ice melting, and generally has an excellent time.

8:15 p.m. — He makes a few arts and crafts:


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