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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Rich & Famous Tea + You could lose your job because of your online posts


You would be surprised.. or not, at how your online presence stays online, forever. Even though Facebook promised they had deleted my profiles, someone who worked there managed to dig up the deleted info and then proceeded to harass me, my family and my friends. I had to contact the police to step in.

So yeah, your digital footprint is real, and this article goes into the cybersecurity of it all and how you can stay (relatively?) safe, considering that employers are also now tracking what you’ve said online and using it to decide if they hire you or not.


It’s macabre, but it’s for someone in your life who loves horror films and loves to cook. Very niche, but very interesting nonetheless – a Death for Dinner cookbook!


These are some wild stories about the rich and famous from people who worked for them. They have soured a lot of my impressions of these celebrities and now I can’t really listen to their music in some cases (J. Lo was a real disappointment and many people personally DM-ed me to tell me so).


We have made such leaps and bounds in printing technology because this Kodak is a MOBILE photo mini printer. I am getting one for myself because sometimes I want a few prints to send to family who are not tech-savvy. The photos are mini but they’re cute!

If you want to print square photos, this one from Canon comes highly recommended too.


Not all wealthy people do this, but some do, and then we paint them all like this. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading articles about excessive displays of wealth because I live vicariously through them or wonder if I would ever reach a point where this would seem normal to me. I don’t love excess waste, or environmental destruction in the name of spending money for the sake of spending it, but I do believe in enjoying it.


A robot MOP? This world is becoming too wild for me to handle. I am definitely thinking of getting a portable robot vacuum to just get rid of the constant dust and fluff I keep seeing on my floors, but a portable robot mop would also be ideal….

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