Save. Spend. Splurge.

What does your rich life look like?

When I say “rich”, I don’t mean millions of dollars in the bank.

Forget the money – what would you like to do?

What activities?

Start a farm for rescue dogs? (Revanche I am looking at you)

Do artisanal beer on the side? (Tim has this hobby and is working on it)

Maybe you’re someone who loves to travel, and flying first class each time is WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY.

Or, if you like getting away each year, maybe renting a nicer cabin on the lake, in a better area is more your style, and splurging on it, so that your one week up north is perfection.

You don’t actually need to be a millionaire to do any of these things – you can ALREADY fly first class if you want, just as long as you cut on other areas.

Or choose to eat out daily if you hate to cook (to be honest, I may be leaning towards this as a new thing for me), because you get a variety of different cuisines and food without the work / cleanup involved.

To be able to eat Vietnamese pho for lunch, then have a decadent French meal with ZERO TIME and energy in the kitchen, not to mention the buying of the ingredients to make these dishes, is one of the greatest pleasures I am willing to pay for.

I won’t ever be interested enough in cooking to make my own pasta from scratch, so I’d rather just pay for it and enjoy every bite.

My rich life to be honest with you, is already what I am doing.

I am happy with this work-life balance I have now.

Work on a contract, take a break. Work, break, work break.

I take time off with Little Bun, I go to work to refresh myself, and come back completely renewed to play and be with him, and as a freelancer unlike an employee, I only work 40-hour weeks.

If I work more, I charge overtime but I don’t really like doing OT because the client is angry you’re doing it, and you have no life.

Why wouldn’t I stop working completely?

I have found that while I am on a break, I get very antsy. I want to do something. I blog more, I write books, I make jewellery, I SPEND MONEY.

I always need to be doing something, and I might as well work, because I love my job and the money that comes with it.

I am also very fortunate that I can (now) say NO to toxic work environments and long commutes to contracts. Before, when I was in debt, or building my assets, I took EVERY JOB. No matter how far it was, how long I’d have to drive, I needed the money.


I need it, still, but not as desperately. I have already reached the lowest rung of FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), and am able to quit and not work again today, if I wanted to. But I don’t want to live like that, and just sit at home all day.

And do what exactly?

I don’t quite have a hobby figured out yet, and I don’t know what I’d do with myself all day long. I’ve already tried out early retirement in between contracts, and like I said — I get bored AF.

I need a hobby. Just can’t figure out what yet.

Anyway, long story short, my rich life is the one I am living now which includes:

  • 40 hour work weeks – I like using my brain and being smart at work
  • Flexible working times – most clients are OK with this, the ones who aren’t, are a-holes and I leave quickly
  • Flexible working locations – remote a few days a week is deal, I don’t mind the office but not all the time
  • Choose any contract I want – anything with long commutes, no thank you & lowball contracts, no thank you
  • Time off in between contracts – 5 months to 2 years
  • Take summers off to hang with Little Bun – I am making this mandatory now
  • House paid, car paid, everything else just goes into savings and investments with a little shopping here and there

What’s your rich life look like?


  • SarahN

    I think I’d like less than 40 hours per week, like… 30? 6hrs per day? Sleep in some days, or get away early..

    But like you said, I’m use money for what I want, and not for what I don’t… simple really

  • Tim

    Thanks for the mention! If you are ever near Regina (post COVID) and I’ll make sure to pour you a pint of beer (or a glass of wine…I do both *grin*). The current Wheat Ale with Mosaic Hops is particularly good (I just need to iron out a few things in the next batch).

    I know what you mean about living a rich life. I’m already there for most of my days but…after two years working at the library just shelving books I applied and interviewed for a promotion today. Why? I miss using my brain to solve problems and want a bit of challenge to my life. And being paid a LOT more to do the same number of part time hours also sounds like a nice bonus. A good life to me isn’t about standing still but rather keep pushing in new directions even when I don’t really need the job at all.

    Don’t worry about the hobbies…maybe up-cycling jewelry and writing books and making income streams are your hobbies. Nothing wrong with those.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I will take you up on that offer but I don’t drink, so it will have to be lemonade or something!

      As for using my brain — I think that’s why I am still working even though I am slightly frustrated at times (normal). 90% of the time, I am using my brain, time flies by, I am using “flow” in my life and I LIKE having things to do. Otherwise, at home, my hobbies are no longer hobbies but chores if I have to keep reading and upcycling all day long.

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