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Money Tours & Honest Acounts: A voyeur’s video view on how people live and spend their money – PART TWO

After I watched all of the Money Tours, I fell down this rabbit hole too:


They also have Honest Accounts, which is like Money Tours, but no clothing and apartment items. They show their spending, credit card bills and so on. Please note, for some reason their site doesn’t seem to have all the videos, there are more I think here on their Youtube Channel.


This 41-year old is an anesthesiologist who took 12 years to become one, and also has a medical business. Her job makes her about $400K – $600K, and anything above that has to be related to her medical business. I LOVED looking into what she spent, and why. It all seems kind of reasonable considering she NETS $75K a month which is $900K a year. Based on her assets and income, she increased her net worth by an average of about $500K a year since she started working (remember she has a business), and some of that is returns on the market for sure.

What I did not love, was stupid hanger-on videos like this guy shaming her for buying gowns ($100K worth), when that’s what she makes in pretty much a month or two (very low spending, all things considered), while he is wearing a $20K watch!!!!! Back off. Only guys feel entitled to shame women for spending on what THEY consider to be frivolous (read: Why do women get shamed for spending on themselves but men don’t?). She’s amazing.


This police officer surprised me too because she was SO debt-averse, which is both good and bad, but I love that she thought: Hey I don’t know anything about my money, my parents taught me nothing, so I need to figure this out. That’s the same kind of attitude I had when I was confronted with significant student loans at 23, and I am thrilled I took that challenge head-on, as I came out the better for it. She spent mostly on her business, a few things here and there for herself, and even said: I am going to remove that Amazon app from my phone because it’s making it too easy for me to spend.


This one frustrated me because she’s the breadwinner and also does all of the housework at home, giggling at the ONE TASK her partner does to “give him some credit”. Christ. I guess I get triggered because I know that she’s pulling way more than her fair share, and it’s because women in general who are breadwinners, have a hang-up about having to compensate and soothe their partner’s “bruised” male egos by ALSO taking on all of the housework to prove how ‘womanly’ they are as they also bring home the bacon.

All of this is a recipe for disaster. You are working full-time in a job that your family depends on for income, you have a full-time family to care for, AND you are doing all the housework? I cannot. I simply cannot. Patriarchy on full display here, and why some women say things so contradictory like: It’s now the 21st century, and I love being the breadwinner... in the breath of: I do all of the housework, but he does the laundry, so I have to give him SOME credit.


This one highlighted the female tax and pay gap pretty clearly. They are two flight attendants and the costs associated with her job specifically like pantyhose, makeup… all of that should be covered as an extra compensation for female flight attendants because guys don’t have to do any of that. I am in disbelief. And people wonder if the pink tax is real.

If for your job, you are required to wear perfect pantyhose with no runs, no rips, AND wear makeup because of your gender, then it is a work-related and reimbursable expense, in my opinion, as it’s part of your uniform.

She also has a year more experience but they’re making the same pay. Something smells wrong here, unless of course, they’re all on mandated pay raises and she’s due to get hers, but staggered (?) and not in time with this filming.


This one had a side hustle that was pretty darn lucrative, but could give people the icks, as she realized men would purchase used underwear or socks, or even sniff her armpit for $$$$$. I am not sure I would be personally comfortable doing it or even meeting any of them (I know she uses a fake name and meets in public spaces), but the whole thing would make me, a much more private person, feel extremely wary.

Still, I admire her moxie.

Tomorrow: Part Three – Money thoughts

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