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Money Tours & Honest Acounts: A voyeur’s video view on how people live and spend their money – PART ONE


I have been OBSESSED with these Glamour Money Tours videos. Just simply obsessed but they only had one season unfortunately.

They talk about their spending, why they bought what they bought, etc. They have price tags popping up all over the apartment which is neat. They all for the most part, seem very sweet and wonderful to talk about their money in such detail <3

I love that they talk about their favourite things, their goals, why they bought what they did, the things in their apartment, even in their closets. It’s all of my favourite subjects of money, home décor and fashion rolled into ONE VIDEO.

Some thoughts on these videos:


The most controversial / worst one was this one for me as she did not disclose the fact all of her designer clothes and her fancy vacations because her lifestyle is basically paid by her fiancé.

She made it sound like her business was all her own doing which is disingenuous to say the least, when her fiancé was also the one that gave her all the connections needed that small businesses would not have at the start.


I am not trying to eat the rich here.

I am just saying she wasn’t transparent, and it wasn’t until I did some digging on the internet that the truth came out (someone outed her as some influencer, and I just happened to see her stories which led me to the Glamour Money Tours in the first place).

Lastly, she is not “financially independent” which is the final nail in her financial coffin, she has credit card debt and no savings account. Without him, she would be screwed. That is absolutely the opposite of financially independent. Just because you keep your money and spending separate from someone, in another account, doesn’t mean you’re financially independent if you still require them to cover your bills (she admits she cannot live in the apartment without him paying half of the $9000 rent).


This one was the coolest one for me, Jennelle Elianna living in a van. She’s frugal, she’s cool, the things she is doing is creative, I love her remote control + velcro hack.. it’s great. Now I want to watch her YouTube Channel.

I really love that she got creative with the way she fixed up her van, has a gym membership for showers, and basically keeps it frugal and organized.

But most of all, I love how McGyver she is with figuring things out, installing those super cool solar panels, and talking about how maybe she wants to build or buy a tiny house. This is not my style of living but I LOVE watching about it, as it’s fascinating and inspiring.


The one I wanted to help the most was this one, because these wonderful sisters make such good money but they don’t have a lot saved versus what they earn, and it makes me so nervous…

Okay and I wanted to help this one too. It sort of makes me anxious about how much money they all make but their comparative savings is so small. I guess I am more of a nervous person because once I got into personal finance, my eyes opened and I realized it was the only way to feel mentally secure with my life and ‘free’, so to speak.


Out of the ones I watched, this one was clearly a money nerd. She didn’t even have to talk about anything, she just had to show her numbers and I knew. Just seeing her savings accounts, and the way she brought her lunch and snacks, I knew she was seriously into money. She’s the only one for some reason that did not show up on the main Glamour site.

Tomorrow: Part Two – Honest Accounts

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