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Liebster Award nomination

Got nominated by Elroy of Moi & Money and thought it’d be fun to do this.

11 Random Facts

  1. I always eat the best parts of my meal last; vegetables first, meat last
  2. I never thought I’d end up in my industry; not until my final year of college
  3. I have a sweet AND a salty tooth, I like both sweet and savoury snacks equally
  4. I’ve always felt like an only child, even though I have multiple siblings
  5. My favourite colour is deep scarlet red but it’s so hard to find the right shade
  6. I think heels over 4″ are hideous
  7. I’ve never owned a car that is newer than 1998
  8. I hate exercising and avoid the gym like the plague
  9. I haven’t owned a TV since 2002
  10. I don’t have a favourite city
  11. I have only worked 55% of my entire career since I graduated

What is a quote or mantra you live by?

You can never be overdressed or overeducated (Oscar Wilde)

What is the worst financial decision you have ever made?

Not taking care of my money sooner. I should have started before I got into college.

What is the best financial decision you have ever made?

Getting out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months using my budgeting tool and tracking all my expenses with it.

Imagine a life where money was no object, where financial freedom is no longer a dream, because you have already reached it? What is the number that would make this dream a reality for YOU and how would you spend your time?

$2 million.

$1 million is to retire, the other million is for peace of mind / security.

I’d probably keep working for the hell of it, or do something like blog more, or write a book and continue traveling the world.

What is your favorite Asset Class to invest in (i.e Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, P2P Lending, etc)? Why? And what platforms do you use (i.e TD Ameritrade for stocks, Realty Shares for Real Estate, Prosper for P2P, etc).

Index exchange-traded Funds with Questrade.

Don’t know what they are?

Check out my investing posts.

(My referral code is o0soehds and you’ll get $50 in free trades)

What is your favorite online financial resource, paid or free (i.e. mint, personal capital, blog, podcast, TastyTrade)?

I don’t actually have any financial resources that I refer to online other than Yahoo Finance or Google. I would however, recommend these books for personal finance reading (they’re the only ones you’ll ever have to read).

When it comes to building wealth, do you spend more time figuring out how to cut expenses or increase income?

Cut expenses.

My income is already pretty much at its max and unless I am approved for overtime or re-negotiate my rate when I renew a contract, I can’t make any more money.

How many hours a week do you watch TV?

1. I don’t own a TV but I watch shows online and download shows from iTunes.

If you had to recommend 1 book, what would it be? And why?

GETTING TO 50/50, hands down.

I wish this was on the list of books every working woman and man should read.

If you are super rich and don’t need to work, you may not care about reading this, but if you work at all, you NEED to read this.

You don’t have to be a parent or to want kids to read this, but if you are in a relationship with anyone, I highly recommend it.

It gives great tips and advice, as well as different ways of looking at the dynamics in a couple and how it can really affect the way you handle being a partner and in a family.

I also have a list of other books that affected me here.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Ask yourself if the fight you’re having is worth it.

When you’re not Geeking out in Finance, what else do you enjoy?

Reading. I read a LOT.

…and shopping. I shop a LOT.

Have you seen my recaps of what I read & bought from previous years!?!

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