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My Top 10 Favourite iTunes Apps (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, iPad)

After a year or more of using Apple products, these are the not-standard-Apple ones that I continually click on, day after day.


I always try the free stuff first, but I am willing to pay if it’s a superior app!

01. Awesome Notes for Organizing

02. Tomorrow for a fast To Do List — FREE

03. Newsify for Google RSS Feeds — FREE (for now)

04. Echofon for Twitter @saverspenderFREE

05. Converter to convert almost anything — FREE

06. Camera+ for enhanced photos on the fly

07. Photosynth for creating panoramic photos — FREE

08. Barcode Scanner to find product deals in stores and online

09. OnTheFly for the best flight deals (it’s by Google) — FREE

10. TripIt for organizing travel (flights, hotels, cars) — FREE

11. Award Wallet for organizing your rewards numbers — FREE

12. Battery Sense to let you know how long you have for talking, reading, surfing, etc — FREE

What are some of your favourite apps?



  • Mochi & Macarons

    Wow Dish sounds interesting. I mostly rent or buy shows on iTunes….

  • The Asian Pear @ Blogspot

    Awesome Notes is awesome.  l love using it as well.

    I use social website apps like Pinterest, Blogger, Livejournal and LinkedIn.

    I like using GoogleTranslate & Wikipedia as info/resource apps. I also like Toshl for finance tracking.

    Onavo – mobile data saver that compresses your data.

    Converter+ – For conversions including currency.

    Find iphone – in case I misplace or lose my phone, I can GPS it or make it ring.

    Gas Canada – Find out what gas prices will be tomorrow.

    All free above except for Awesome Notes.

  • jeweliette23

    EverNote – I like how you can also create notebooks with pictures, e.g. I’ll take pictures of stuff I see in magazines like beauty or fashion inspiration.

    Flashlight – super bright white light, comes in handy.

    Beejive – chatting app that’s set up like text msging, useful if you’re texting alot w/the same person but don’t wanna get charged for texts.

    Scoutmob – like a spontaneous Groupon that let’s you find restaurants on the fly that give you 50% off the check (usually maxed at $15 or $20 discount).

    eBay – lets you check your auctions on the go.

    OpenTable – self-explanatory.

    All free!!!

    • Mochi & Macarons

      I thought about EverNote but I don’t like how I have to sign in to use it. I thought it would be a software or an app like Picasa without any Internet required.
      Beejive — is that the same concept as iPhone 4s iMessage? I blocked all texting on my phone but I still use iMessage
      I will check out Flashlight!!

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