Save. Spend. Splurge.

Learning how to cut my losses

I’m not talking about investments, although I guess this can apply to it.

I’m talking about the times like when you buy a really crappy drink and you had expected to be awesome for the price you paid, but it ends up being too sweet to stomach (not to mention bad for your health), and you think:

But I paid $3.76 for this!!!!

…and proceed to drink down to the last sugary, disgusting drop because that $3.76 is hanging over your head.


That was a situation that could have happened last week, but didn’t and I’m excited about the choices of time and money I finally learned how to make.

Going forward, I am no longer going to worry about the money I paid for a drink, an event I was excited to see but turns out to be a dud 15 minutes in, or a meal that is just appallingly bad.

I’ll get up and leave, throw that nasty drink in the garbage can and stop eating.

I am no longer worrying about it, because it’ll do 2 things:

  1. Give me back that potentially wasted time and/or save me from gut rot
  2. Teach me to be more discerning and pickier about where my money goes

Why waste 2 more hours of your life at something that sucks, just because you paid for it?

Get out!

Go take a walk instead. Read a book.

Enjoy your 2 hours and forget about the wasted cash (unless you can ask for a refund :P)

Treasure your time and your life.

(P.S. the disgusting drink place in question is Argo Tea. Healthy drinks, my ass…)


  • Corianne

    I’m never buying coconut water again for that reason! Health drinks… Overrated, over marketed, overpriced… I’d rather drink sth that’s actually nice to drink!!

  • Jennifer G

    I have recently found that I prefer the flavor of my homemade iced coffee to that of a prominent coffee house. Yet, I still like to go there for the “feel” though. I don’t want to waste money on something I don’t like, just because I like the idea of it. I am discerning with most of my other purchases, I don’t know why I have trouble with this one.

    • Mochi & Macarons

      Emotional pull 🙂 I am exactly the same way with window shopping. I am not really interested in buying new things, but I go in to look anyway, and inevitably end up spending money.

  • The Asian Pear

    That’s happened to me before too. I had something from Timothy’s and ended up dumping it after a few sips. It was horribly too sweet and I had walked away already.

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