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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: When is enough, ‘enough’?


1. Enough

A wonderful comic on the rat race. If you are an old hat at this money and/or minimalism thing, none of it will surprise you. It all is very true. You need to absolutely ask yourself what is it you want. Some people can live on bare bones as long as they’re ‘free’ and no longer need to work, so they take a bike instead or never go out to eat. Others are thinking: That is too extreme for me (*raises hand*), so they choose to have a more moderate or luxurious lifestyle, within reason.

At some point, we all reach a point where an incremental extra bit of whatever it is, is not going to change our lives that much more. There is a certain point where.. it just doesn’t need to be more. You don’t need more money to be happy.

I realized this when a question was asked – if you had $5M what would you do differently? I really thought about it, and nothing. Unless I consider donations or giving money to family/friends, there is nothing in my personal lifestyle that would really change.

Home: I would get a home, a bigger one, but not so big that it is unmanageable. I don’t want staff, I don’t need 9 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. I don’t need a tennis court or swimming pool.. none of this appeals to me. I also don’t want to have to clean it or have help to maintain it.

Car: Already driving what I want, until it or I die.

Shopping: I already do a lot of this. What I love is the anticipation, the research, the HUNT. I would still buy secondhand, I’d still be conscious about consumption, and if I REALLY wanted/needed a piece. I even gave myself a YOLO budget and became fatigued because it was too easy to just buy anything I wanted. The pleasure for me, dimmed a bit to be honest.

Transportation: I get sick on planes, and boats, all of this is out.

Pride: I really think it would matter if I cared what other people thought of me, like – there goes the richest person on Earth!.. I want to have no part in any of this circus. I don’t want people to know me, know of me, etc. Only people who want to have the most money, want to one-up others around them, but newsflash – 99.99999999999% of the time, someone will always be richer than you.

What’s left? Nothing much.

Travel is already baked into my plans to go to Japan for a month, two months in France, when things are more stable in our opinion. There’s not much I would change if anything at all if I had more money. I’d just bank it all.

2. Cocktail

I really liked this ring from Anthro in-person. The metal was thick, smooth, comforting and heavy, and the stone was beautiful. And I feel like they’re stalking me because this ring is NAMED AFTER ME AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL. And of course, one of my favourite artisans is featured there with these leaf drop earrings.

3. Wild ways

Speaking of ‘enough’, this young millennial doctor pulled in $40K in one month but got too excited and YOLO-d it. Now he is pulling the reins back. I love reading these Young Money / Personal Finance articles because I like seeing what they do with their money, how they spend it, and what kind of advice they get. I have pretty much read it all, and seen it all, but reading about money and planning it, is like an old comfortable blanket of a subject for me. Still cosy and I am still nosy enough to be interested.

4. Burning bright

I am normally not a candle person (it depends, I’d need ones that smell like pine or something) but this stunning candle with a seemingly great smell of jasmine and sandalwood, seems like a good gift for people who love candles. If not, these joke ones are pretty good too. I mean this one, is one that I think we can all relate to.

5. Commercialized

These FedEx ads still make me laugh to this day. Classic.

I also much prefer Fedex  or DHL over UPS because with FedEx or DHL, they will tell you there is an import tax duty form, and will ask you to pay it as not to delay deliveries. I LOVE THESE. I just pay online, set a delivery notice of what I want, and there is no hassle. With UPS, they leave notices for you to call them or to pick it up, or that an amount is due, but if you don’t check your mailbox regularly, this is a hassle.

6. Slippery

These are some pretty flower slippers. I think they could be great for being outside on the patio garden slippers. I can’t go outside in my home slippers even on the balcony (I think I am bringing dirt in), but I can do it if I had some OUTSIDE slippers.. for the summer.

7. Bikers

This retired couple traveled to 22 countries on bike. This is such a cool idea because they’re kind of living the dream of traveling but with a bit of flair. I personally dislike airplanes (I get very sick easily), so something like this is up my alley if I were to do so.


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8. Marshmallow Vibes

Every single person whom I have recommended to buy this sweater and the matching pants, HAS NOT EVER COME BACK TO ME ANGRY. I mean, I am no Oprah (they made it to her Oprah Wish List too), but they are like wearing a marshmallow on your body, but a chic one, not the Michelin Tire Man kind.

would recommend for the pants to size up at least ONCE as the waist is pretty snug (but elastic), or even two sizes if you are okay with it a little baggier. The sweater itself, take it as your true size. They are SO COMFY. You will not regret this, even giving it as a gift will make the gift recipient so happy, they’ll sing your praises for years to come.


  • Gail

    I like your new format, Sherry, and that I can comment simply.
    When i feel i have more than enough, i feel uncomfortable and crowded.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I am working on tweaking the site. I finally got the time, and on a whim this week I totally scrapped it and created something new. I am not 100% pleased so now I am seeking help to fix the things I don’t like haha 🙂

      More than enough is too much!

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