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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: “I lost $400K on a single Robinhood bet”


This article was very well written, honest and painful – How I lost $400K on a single Robinhood bet – the regret is felt through the words so acutely, my heart is palpitating. This is likely why I am not cut out for individual betting and stock trading.

Just the other day, I saw that a lot of net worths of people I follow casually dropped (some quite significant, losing $100K in a month), but I didn’t see any of that happen on my end, in fact the opposite. I dug in a little deeper and realized that cryptocurrency took a dive from $80K CAD to $62K CAD, and if you hold a lot in there, or in other individual betting stocks, you are sure to take a dive of even 65% or more when you bet.

The highs are so high, and ridiculously high, but the lows are just devastating. I would rather not have the emotional turmoil of constantly tracking the market – I frankly, have better things to do with my time, and even if it doesn’t make me thousands of dollars every minute when I read a book or do a hobby with Little Bun, I am at peace and not frantic.

I personally put in small amounts into individual stocks on a whim, but never big enough to lose it in such a phenomenal fashion. Even with my crypto years ago (and now it has all vanished thanks to the founder dying unexpectedly and it all being a Ponzi scheme), I put in I think $5000 max, or less. It was significant, but it wasn’t enough to break me, if you know what I mean. It certainly sucked that I transferred all the money to his company’s wallets, but from that day on, I decided not to deal with an unregulated gambling bet again (yes, it is totally unregulated and not backed by anything at all).

A lot of these trading memoirs are painful, but very useful in going deep into your psyche to teach you a lesson you won’t forget. Better a $5000 loss than a $500K one, I think.


Organic jewellery always tugs at my heart string every time. I do not know what is going on at Banana Republic but they are really stepping up lately with more cashmere, silk, and very nice jewellery pieces like this brass hammered cuff. I have never heard of this brand before but I like their pieces. Their pieces are really good so far, stylish and comfortable.


I absolutely love creamy tonkotsu ramen, and a follower sent me this link to this Kewpie Mayo hack to make this dish at home. It requires instant ramen, this mayo, and you get a pretty good dupe of a Tonkotsu ramen. The only thing is that I no longer eat instant ramen as I find the flavour packet gives me a terrible headache and makes me feel quite ill now (it’s very processed seasoning), and I do not own any mayo whatsoever, let alone Kewpie Mayo.

Nevertheless, if you are someone who loves Tonkotsu ramen and wants to try this hack at home, it has been proven to be a surefire winner with people, and I thought I’d pass it along. It also only takes 10 minutes to make.

4. Fantastical

I am in love with these photographs of these children in their dream outfits and fantasy looks. They are absolutely stunning. I am envious! I want to wear some of these outfits and have an amazing photoshoot as well. If you are interested in more, the book called GLORY: Magical Visions of Black Beauty is for sale. I purchased a copy and am waiting for it in eager anticipation!


Okay not literally sandcastles, but these works of sand art by Toshihiko Hosaka are just magnificent and worth a click. The creativity, and sheer intelligence in knowing where to carve, how to carve, and creating these sculptures in your head, but seeing them come to life is truly incredible. It takes a real talent to be able to see the sculpture before it is done, and to know what to remove and what to keep.


I have now started seeing these cute baseball hats in this faux suede pop up now. I think this is a beginning trend of chic baseball caps as part of outfits. I can imagine wearing it with sweaters and not feel too casual. I have a problem going too casual in my looks. It is that, or I love wearing fedoras at any time of the year, the problem is during winter, if I have to keep my ears warm, I need to wear something that won’t block my earmuffs.


This article says being sleep deprived can happen a lot quicker than you think. It says the key is to check to see if on Saturdays when you have no alarm, what time you wake up. If you wake up far later than your usual time, you’re sleep deprived.

As my alarm clock is basically Little Bun, I cannot tell if this is true or not. He doesn’t seem sleep deprived for sure, but I can feel myself wishing I had another hour or so sometimes.

I think sleeping is also something not a lot of us take seriously, but your body needs that downtime at night to take out the garbage, so to speak.


A simple way to jazz up an outfit with a heart-printed leopard hair calf print belt. I can see this on any neutral outfit, but particularly with yellow for some reason. I feel like the dark printed browns and blacks of the belt go with a similar family tone of yellow.

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