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Money Talk: What scares you about money?

That I won’t have enough.


But …

It is strange because even though I do have enough, more than most people especially at my age, but I am scared I will not have enough when I do want to retire because I may end up in a bear market, or I may not have saved enough as I wanted for my plan..

Or whatever.

Things happen.

People get sick, die, lose their jobs…. It is scary and that scares me so much that I always have that little thought at the back of my mind that says “hmm… could you not have put that money you spent / wasted towards something else?


Other than that, I am fine. I am just scared I will be so spend-y now, that I will ruin my own future and be unable to live comfortable.

Not lavishly but comfortably without any money worries or stress.

What scares you about money?


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  • SarahN

    Hmm I don’t currently get scared of money. Like you, I’m on the no work time, between contracts. But I know so many people who live paycheck to paycheck, in a dead end job, and life is fine. Neither you, nor I, are destined to dead end jobs – though we could do any number of menial jobs for cash if we needed.

    I think I fear not being able to ‘do what I want’ – be that travel or eat out. Those two particularly, I don’t like to hear when others say ‘we can’t afford that at the moment’ cause my life is about saving, so I can do what I want when I want.

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