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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Cost per Instagram Like versus Cost Per Wear

If you are really on Instagram, and you post pictures of your outfit, can it really make any sense to say you are looking at the “cost-per-like” rather than “cost-per-wear” for how much it was worth? I wonder what my Instagram Cost-Per-Like would be. Psst! I am on IG here @saverspender…where you can see tons of my outfits like the one above.

I’d like to say that a lot of what I wear is really not IG-like. I am not in cutoff bum-baring shorts, showing bras and lingerie under blazers and going to the office, or in super high heels and jeans on repeat. I wear actual, work-appropriate, comfortable outfits that look nice, but aren’t trendy or trail-blazing for the most part.

I am still contemplating buying a vegan leather pencil skirt – this one from Banana Republic felt so soft and is much better priced than real leather. Honestly though, would I wear it to the office? Or ever? Or I just want it..?

Tragedy of Common Cashmere: This is why I don’t buy cheap cashmere, and because I won’t drop $500 on a sweater, I buy most of mine secondhand and it has been worth it. I have seen less pilling and it is better than buying something that just isn’t worth the price, even at $100.

Speaking of which, this J. Crew cashmere coat is double-faced and at $1700 (so a definite NO for me), but it is pretty much what I have been looking for.

Adina’s area for thrifting is FULL of high-end designer stuff. Whenever I go to the stores here in Montreal, I barely find one or two pieces, but then again I don’t go as often (time, mostly is the issue), and I prefer to do most of my shopping online. Less messy but I won’t be finding YSL or Smythe jackets for $10 although I found a Dolce & Gabbana like-new coat for $150, retailing still in stores for $4000.

I petted this Banana Republic long, soft duster jacket in the store, and liked it. I already bought two in camel and a light grey, so I don’t need another one but this one is really quite nice.

Loved Xin’s Money Tour concept. You go through a credit card statement and explain what you bought. *cough* Mine would be filled with lots of purchases and returns.

I love the sleek minimalist lines of this UGG Gracen boot. It looks perfect for autumn and winter.

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