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How do institutions affect the way you dress?

I dress for the environment I am visiting.

When I go to do anything ‘professional’, I dress up, like to go see a notary, lawyer, a banker, etc.

I also dress up for work because it makes me feel more in control, like I have a job to do and I am in charge (both of which are true, but it legitimizes it).

Playground mommies also indirectly with their comfy-looking outfits & bemused looks pressure me to wear yoga pants outside, but I just can’t do it.

Jeans and flats are the closest I can reach style-wise.

When I go to not-so-affluent areas or visit friends who are not as well-off but may or may not know that I am financially stable, I dress down and wear less jewelry.

I also try not to wear anything with a logo or a brand name (not that I own any that are blatant), and am trying to be respectful and to not make anyone jealous (it has happened).

I still look a little too well-off as my friend pointed out, because they don’t wear polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses but know what they are and what they cost, but I can’t help that.

When I go to richer areas, I have a perverse pleasure in purposefully dressing down super casually, but in very high-end casual clothes that look deceptively simple, but each piece obviously cost $200 or more.

Kind of like this look:


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