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How do you conform to or rebel against the dress expectations at your workplace?

I dress for the client’s work environment. If they’re dressy (a bank), I dress up in suits. If they are more a factory floor, I dumb it down to flats (no heels).

I have to dress to blend in.

I don’t try and over-wear and show off if no one else is remotely close to wearing what I wear, but I do have standards for myself. I won’t wear beer t-shirts or whatever, and ripped jeans and flip flops like others there.

I just won’t.

That said, I work in a very male-centric industry, so I guess I should only wear pants¬†and flats, and sexless button-up shirts to blend in with them but I don’t care, and I wear wrap dresses, feminine clothes, high heels, etc.

I won’t wear something too sexy like this to the office, it is too body-conscious:

But I’d wear this with a jacket for instance.


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  1. SarahN

    Well most wear uniforms – bright orange button ups with trousers in either navy or grey with hi vis strips. And once a week wear that, so I can visit site/s.

    Other people wear hoodies (I would never, except called in for a storm). Collared t shirts from charity this or that, or a golf day. I would never – except to work out in the shirt, or paint the house. Shorts – sorry but I find that shorts are too casual for an office work environment (or an employer than mandates pants for all workers in the field). As you know, though, I’ve progressed from flats to heels. Still pants only, except a handful of times. And button ups as I find them flattering and comfortable.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Shorts are definitely too casual for me for the office, those and sandals.

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