Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


What I liked this week:


  • Speaking of athleisure… Technical cashmere? Like cashmere in sportswear? What’s the point. I’m still a fan of at least 50% cashmere in sweaters, if not 100%.
  • Income equality can certainly destroy friendships if you let it. Only my very closest friends know how much I earn and save. I can count them on one hand & I do not take them for granted. <3
  • Working a lot doesn’t mean that you’re actually productive. I can work a lot less & achieve the same results if I was given the choice. Ideally my workweek would be 20 hours, but this is a great question — why do we work so much?
  • NYC Grand Central Terminal secrets. I like the mistake made with the constellation being painted backwards and the secret room…
  • [Video below] I use all of these 5 styling tricks to make any outfit so much better in the mornings however I did not know about the hairband on the sleeve trick for Tip #5… Well worth a quick watch.

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