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I have no other title for this kind of post, but they’re random thoughts and I can’t make a post out of that would be worth anything, are too long for Twitter & are on my mind.


I hear ’em. I understand what they’re saying.. I mean, in theory it makes sense, but then I look at science and say: Umm, but no.

I had a huge long debate about this with someone at my last contract who was a stringent anti-vaxxer.

Anti-Vax Spiel: 

Why inject your child with a virus and take the risk of them dying from your prevention?

You’re taking the risk for nothing, really, and how often would someone get let’s say the measles or mumps?

That, versus the risk of someone dying from said injected vaccination, which is really just a POISON, is far lower.

My spiel:

But it’s happenin’. People GET THE MUMPS.

Have you not been reading the news? It isn’t a dead disease.

And do you really want to be that parent who says: I wish I had vaccinated my child. in hindsight?

I dunno. I’d rather take the risk of Baby Bun getting sick from this vaccination than for him to just catch it out in the world where it is beyond my control who touches him, holds him, hugs him, kisses him, sneezes on him, etc….


Did you know he was the 9th of 10 children?


I can’t even handle one, thus far.

Bless his sweet parents.

He is an incredible actor. I am re-watching all the episodes of Monk (very comforting brain food), and his acting is just beyond reproach.

He is so MR. MONK…. and some of the lines he delivers with such a deadpan, serious expression are gold.


Most of the actors and actresses in “The Good Wife” are INCREDIBLE. My goodness, that last episode where Alicia (actress Julianna Margulies) breaks down in front of the washing machine and has that heart-wrenching soliloquy was some of the finest acting I have ever seen.

Also, Eli Gold (actor Alan Cumming) is fantastic. Love him too.

Terrible last name, but his acting is spot on.

I am on season 7 and there are no signs of me stopping. This show is GREAT.


In contrast, I have totally sworn off SUITS.

I can’t stand the show now. It has jumped the shark for me in this season.

JUST GET OVER this stupid plotline of Mike being a fraud and never having actually gone to Harvard.

GET. OVER. IT. and start doing some cases!!!!!

I am not watching it any more.


.. but they were one size too small. I almost cried.

They were incredible pants, I’m sure they would cost $800 or more in the store today, and they were on the rack for $400.


  • Tania

    Love The Good Wife and I feel the same about Suits. I’d also add some of their cases, from a financial aspect are so unrealistic.

    The vaccine debate, I won’t comment much but will say I read a post called Growing Up Unvaccinated on Voices for Vaccines written by someone whose mother didn’t believe in vaccines long before it became commonplace. It was eye opening.

  • save. spend. splurge.

    I was not talking to any Hollywood celebrity (Alicia Silverstone!!) but the pros outweigh the cons.

    I will say that I do not get the flu shot at all, but I am thinking maybe I should.

  • SP

    My dad was the 2nd of 9, and my grandma… somewhere towards the end of 18. 18!!!! Of course, that was some time ago, but still. Her mom must have been pregnant her whole life.

    If I had kids, I sure would prefer that just everyone ELSE vaccinated and my precious angel would be safe because of that, but that is not an appropriate rational choice. I believe in science, so I will do what science recommends (which is vaccination, though I am curious if there is flexibility on the schedule and spacing things out a little bit).

    • save. spend. splurge.


      That is.. wow. I am impressed by their patience.

      I don’t know if there is flexibility in vaccination schedules, but I do know that I had Baby Bun go in at 3, 6, 12, and 18 months. His next shots are at 4 years old. He didn’t have many effects from the vaccinations, just a little fever.

  • Revanche

    LB has had a couple of vaccine reactions but you know what? A fever or other reaction, like bumps, that will pass after a few days is NOTHING compared to the lifelong effects of actually contracting mumps, measles, or rubella without the body having had any chance to develop immunity to it. There is a MASSIVE difference between having a reaction to the vaccine, which is the body coping, to actually having the disease. I have a friend who was a rubella baby and the effects of it are lifelong, not temporary like a vaccine reaction. She’s lost most of vision, for one thing, and experiences severe pain as an adult. Polio is even worse. Temporary pain versus lifelong illness. I’m really not sure why it’s not clear what the better choice is.

    • Kailash

      It is a hot topic – I know.
      We had a case near our town that reaction to polio vaccine was actually the polio disease! Which is one of the possible reactions. So reactions that are mild – I’m totally ok with that like temperature or one-two days pain. But my daughter actually got the disease of which the vacc was suppose to protect her against (mumps – to be precise)! That’s why sometimes it is really not clear what better choice really is :-/.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Oh my goodness. I feel so terrible for your friend.

      At any rate, that’s the stance I am taking. The low risk of him dying from this vaccine as he is a healthy, happy, rambunctious toddler versus someone a little more closer to the edge of fragility in their health, versus contracting a disease that was preventable.

  • Kailash

    You know when I stopped vaccinating my kids? When my perfectly healthy little daughter got mumps after I vaccinated her against it :-(. And it was some mutated sort of it so she looked like she had one more big chin on only one side of her neck. It was terrible. And the doctor said – it will pass it is ONLY the reaction to vaccine. That’s when I felt like a total failure as a mother because I gave my daughter a disease she would maybe never have otherwise. So instead of protecting her I gave her pain and disease. This is a hot topic and I know reasonable arguments from both sides but I also know how I felt and can’t imagine how I would feel if the reaction was more serious. It is one of those though decisions that you have to make for a child that only you can make and bear the consequences of decision whatever they are and will be.
    I always feel a bit of nausea with this topic 🙁

  • raluca

    My husband got rubeola as an adult 2 years ago. Before the spots appeared, so while we had no idea that he was ill, we visited a pregnant friend. Luckily, she was vaccinated. Otherwise, the rubeola could have triggered a miscarriage or health issues for the child. We spent a couple of days feeling horrible, not knowing if our friend pregnancy was going to be ok.
    There is no question about vaccinations, we will do it for our child if we have one. It’s horrible to be responsible for another woman losing her child.

  • Cassie

    I feel like the people making the anti-vaccination argument of “When was the last time you saw someone get _______?” don’t understand the concept of herd immunity and how contagious diseases work 🙁 *head desk*

  • Ramona

    We vaccinated my daughter. When she was 6 months old and a year old she had fever immediately after the vaccines. Vomited as well, at the 6th month vaccine. These were the only side effects.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      We’ve been vaccinating Baby Bun up until 18 months. I mean, why take the risk?

      He only had a fever once from the vaccine and that’s it. I can’t imagine having him sick from a serious disease…

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