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This has to be the cutest, sweetest photo shoot I have ever seen. These photos come pretty close too.


I absolutely HATE Windows as an operating system, but I adore Bill Gates as a person and philanthropist.


Ever wondered what diseases smell like? Wonder no longer.


I could NOT stop laughing at Lauren Simpson’s recount of being Jennifer Lawrence’s date to the Oscars (she’s also her best friend).

I think Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, funny and amazing, and it’s nice to read that her best friend is the same.


I would kill for this work of art to be in my home. I do not care how heavy it is!


This is hot – models with PhDs.


These food maps are incredible!


This is ridiculously cute. SO CUTE I could scream.


If only I was that good at yoga and my kid wanted to do it too. My goodness..


What designers wear on the runway — it isn’t all black!


I love wardrobe capsules and this is no exception: business casual capsule wardrobe created for spring.


Alpha females in Hollywood dish out about how hard it is.


This drummer is freakin’ amazing. Near to the end he will blow your mind around 3:56 if he hasn’t done so already.


These portraits of people around the world are hauntingly beautiful.


I’m about to ship Baby Bun off to these folks to be raised until he’s at least 16.


This is so cute, I can’t stand it. They’re ADORBS. Sooo fluffeh!!!



OH. MY. GOD. This video is insane.


I could not have said it better. There are some minimums in personal finance and those are ironclad in my opinion.


Bank slogans, translated. You’ll love this.


I am still on the hunt for a pair of ballet flats. Price is (kind of) no object because if they will last a long time with resoling and care, I am down for paying up to $600 for a pair. I just one ONE PAIR, not 10 pairs of cheap $100 ballerinas that are uncomfortable.

Anyway, I found these videos of Mark taking apart expensive ballerina shoes like Repetto, Lanvin and Bloch REALLY interesting.

Seems like Bloch are the best.


  • Lila

    If I didn’t like video games then I would get a mac. I’m not going to update to Windows 8. It’s ugly. I find Windows 7 easy to use, but all I do on it is surf, play video games, take online classes and email.

  • Frances

    Sorry if this has been suggested before…how about Tieks? Have heard great things about them but have not tried them yet. I think made in Italy

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Thanks for the suggestion! They’re made in China actually, with leather from Italy and rubber from Brazil. Plus, I kind of hate that blue sole and blue stripe.

  • AdinaJ

    I love the shoes videos! This has convinced me to hold on to my Bloch flats. They’re silk upper, not leather, so I don’t wear them very often, and was thinking of purging them from my closet. But maybe not …

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Are they comfortable and would you continue wearing them ?

      I tried on the Bloch’s at The Bay the other day and I HATED them. The back really cuts into my heel.

  • GirlinaTrenchcoat

    Those shoe videos are fascinating! And yeah, I screamed a little bit inside when he ripped the Bloch leather. 😛

  • Michelle

    Ugh…I can’t stand Windows either. I refuse to upgrade Win 7 to 8…what a horrible OS!
    Piece on the ballet flats was interesting. I spent the $300 and bought a pair of Repettos and sent them straight back. They were not worth all the hype. I was excited because they were made in France but the fit was horrible and they were very uncomfortable. I ended up settling for Same Edelman’s Felicia flats, they are so comfy and were only $100. Sadly they’re made in China but I was almost at the end of my rope on that journey. It’s very difficult to find items that are not made in China.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I bought Windows 7 and am NOT GOING TO UPDATE. BF says it’s not so bad, but I hate those stupid cards on the screen. Why can’t we go back to Windows XP?

      Repettos are not comfortable either. You may have feet like me, try elasticized ballet flats… I have my eye on Pretty Ballerinas ($150 range) and Chloes (EEP! $500 price tag)

      Pretty Ballerinas apparently are sold at David’s on Bay/Bloor. I want to go there some day this week and see how they are.

  • Robb Engen

    Thanks for the mention! Glad you liked the bank tagline post. Have a great weekend!

  • SarahN

    So many Aussie ones – OK I knew with the clip it was in Sydney that drummer. Is it weird I know the pavement THAT well? Perhaps it’s my work that makes me like that.

    And the map guy, he was from NZ, we claim all good stuff from NZ as Aussie, so I’ll take that too!!

    I love these posts you do – so much great content I often think ‘how did she find that’?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      It’s not weird! Sometimes I see pavements or streets and think: TORONTO! I know EXACTLY where that is too.

      Haha, NZ and Aussies are like cousins no? 🙂 I say claim away.

      … I’m up at odd hours of the night with the baby these days, so I browse the internet and read a lot… hard not to find great stuff to share.

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