Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


As a parent I can expect I will be saying such things in the future.


Talk about early retirement, this guy Ian Usher sells his entire life after his divorce and moves with $360,000, and is ridiculously happy with next to nothing.

Oh and by the way, how much did you save in 2013?


Is trash considered art now? To me, if it looks like trash.. it’s trash, but then again I’m probably not cultured enough.


If you buy a home, you should buy it for personal reasons and for you, not because you want to truly invest your money because the total return on a house is crap.

I even did a post on this too — buying a home versus renting one in Montreal.


Women still get the short end of the stick even if they’re  part of Hollywood royalty.


Out of the top 10 highest paid actors in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is the only woman to make the list at $33 million a year.

The top earner? Robert Downey Jr. at $75 million.



This is just too funny, especially since I’m quite anti-China these days.


A wedding dress from H&M? It’s actually quite pretty and it only costs £59.99 or about $100 USD.


Are high-waisted jeans the next big thing? I sure hope so. I have super small hips and a flat butt, and these high-waisted pants are the only things that stay on securely!!


This was just too cute not to share – a 5 year old attempts to forge his mother’s signature:



I’m going to guess that these reasons of why you should date an investment banker are a joke. Also, why can’t an investment banker be a woman? We’re rare, but we exist.


Does anyone think this gambler is really going to get his $500,000 back?


This little 7-year old Norwegian girl Angelina Jordan, singing Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday gave me the chills. I only wish I knew what the judges were saying other than “fantastic”, which I gathered from guessing.

Also, I just had to share this. Play this video without looking at the screen and you’d swear it was Whitney singing.


Speaking of precocious children, this 13-year old Jamie Edwards is already a fusionist.


Jamie Edwards built a nuclear reactor before successfully smashing two hydrogen atoms together, making helium through nuclear fusion.


Problem solved. Here’s a quick guide to how short or how long your pants should be with shoes and heels.

My own personal rule has always been an inch off the ground.


PREACH!! Stone Cold Steve Austin gives it to us straight:


  • Tania

    The China Germany pic is hilarious. The trash art news story reminds me of this art exhibit I went to at the Honolulu Museum of Modern Art. You walked into what looked like empty rooms and there would be one little handmade flower or leaf that you could barely see in the crack between the floor and a wall. Nothing special, anyone crafty could make something similar. The building is comprised of multiple exhibit rooms so it was like walking through all these empty rooms. My ex-hubby and I couldn’t even look at each other without bursting out in laughter.

    We have an art as trash show each year on Maui, which is actually pretty clever and great but it’s more of a reuse of trash instead of purchasing materials. A Bob Marley portrait out of flattened soda cans, a mirror with a frame made out of bear honey bottles, a robot made out of kitchen items, a chess set out of black and white garbage bags. Really great stuff.

  • Kandice @ The Simple Year

    Loved the one about the guy that sold everything and moved to the remote island! Off to watch the videos. I’m a sucker for talent related reality shows!

    How’s mommyhood going? Sleeping?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      He is living his dream 🙂

      Went well so far until 2 days ago.

      He started sleeping through the night (FINALLY!!!!), but then regressed 2 days ago (was totally disoriented/thrown off by a doctor’s visit and some vaccinations), so I’m putting him back on schedule and seeing how he does tonight.

  • Jessica Moorhouse

    I would totally have bought that H&M dress for my wedding as my reception dress. Damn!

  • Michelle

    That little girl singing gave me freaking chills. She is amazing.

  • ArianaAuburn

    1- Your vocabulary will expand to 100+ ways of saying either “no” or “ask your father”.
    2-Happiness is hard to get, so I congratulate the guy for finding his happiness.
    -Being unemployed for 1+ year makes this next to impossible.
    3- Money can not buy good taste. It is all relative to who is willing to shell out money for recycled goods
    4- Better to buy a home to live and grow old in than to buy one as an investment since a lot of realty companies rent buildings and turn them into condos or apartments.
    5- Even the highest paid actress will out-earn a lot of women in the workforce. It is all about perspective.
    6- That is probably the reason why Chinese cars are not a hit in the US
    7- That is about the same price I paid for my wedding dress.
    8- Maybe. I will have to dig up my jeans from middle school just in case!
    9- So cute!
    10- Those reasons sound great if you are destitute, living in a war-torn country and just dying to get the hell out with your own skin!
    11- No. He took a gamble and lost.
    12- So much talent!
    13- I will pray that this child’s talent will not be jaded by cynicism and would be used to help humanity rather than to try to destroy it.
    14- If I trip over it when I walk, I cut the excess length off.
    15- The controversy is stupid. It is hard to find the right partner to spend the rest of your life with in a heterosexual relationship! Why limit the options between consenting adults? Once again, happiness is hard to find and if it is found in an unconventional way, so be it.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      HAHAH! 🙂 I don’t doubt that my vocab will expand to such heights.

      I definitely agree with buying a home to live and grow old in but not as an investment.

      As for happiness — it’s true that if it can be found, let people be happy. It doesn’t hurt anyone to see other people be in love.

  • A Money Goddess

    Loved both the youtube videos of those kids singing. Simply amazing!!

    The artwork was funny… At first I thought it was the colourful wheel at the back… then I realized it was the plywood with newspaper on the ground…

  • GirlinaTrenchCoat

    1. That German bike vs. Chinese car pic is hilarious!
    2. I do not understand how art that looks like trash, or art that looks like it was painted by a 5-year-old, can cost a lot of money. (On the bright side, you can probably sell Baby Bun’s future artwork for $$$!)

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