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Does your face tell people how rich you are?

There seems to have been a new offshoot trend in signaling you’re rich: Perfect skin, with barely to not a stitch of makeup.

Maybe it has always been there, or maybe I’m only noticing it because I myself am focused on wearing as little makeup as possible these days (hence why perfect skin is required), but a lot of the rich girl Instagrams or posts aren’t really of them with a full face of makeup.

What they have instead, is a little mascara or eyeliner at best, and lip balm. It’s that whole aesthetic of as minimal and as glowy as possible without layers hiding your skin. Even celebrities who have money, can pile on the makeup for events and so on, but if they ever go bare-faced, you can bet they have perfect skin hiding underneath, even without a single stitch of makeup.

You can actually see how rich someone is.

Even without knowing anything about anyone, people can tell who has money and who does not, just by the stress lines on their face, the sunspots, the wrinkles, the skin texture, and so on.

If your skin is very damaged by the sun, you’re outside a lot, which means not an office job, as an example. That’s not to say that an outside job is worse than an inside one, but in society, an outside job equals “labourer” which for better or for worse, is not considered as elite as an office job (which is silly of course, as farmers feed cities, but I am not going to get into that debate; I am just stating what I have colloquially observed).

Stress in particular, is the real marker of how rich someone is – if you are not stressed, it shows on your face — it means your job pays enough to not have money troubles, so you have less wrinkles, you’re relaxed, you aren’t so tense. You have time to get home, make a meal for your family, and relax. You aren’t thinking about working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet.

Then, for skin texture, or colour and health, it could be related to what you eat. Eating terrible food, doesn’t do anything for glowy skin, as an example.

What goes into that perfect skin behind the scenes, is a lot of money and time invested into the skin. As someone who is searching for dermal perfection as well, it is any or all of the following:


I’m not talking about losing weight, I’m taking more about avoiding dairy, eating vegan, drinking expensive juice shots, and eating organic. I can attest to the fact that ever since I’ve given up dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream…) my skin has seen a significant improvement that cannot be denied. It also means more expensive food when you go out to eat if you aren’t eating fast food, but eating in fancier, more healthful restaurants. Or even instead of eating fast food all the time, you’re eating things like sushi that has less processed ingredients.


Microneedling with radio frequency to help improve your skin texture, chemical peels to reveal fresher skin underneath, BBL light therapy treatments to help your skin glow. All of this stuff does not come cheap at $300+ per treatment, and requiring 3-5 treatments before you see any results, and then yearly maintenance. It can run $5000 – $10,000 a year depending on what you get done and for what reasons.

Sometimes you even do treatments and they don’t do anything for your skin but you’re out $$$$ for having experimented, and the time spent going to do it as well, during the day, or the weekend (if you have children, it makes it trickier).


Along with skin treatments, you of course need products to continue with the upkeep! Not that you necessarily need expensive items, but skin products do cost money. My favourite BHA product is $180 dollars, and though I use it very sparingly, it is still a pricey bottle, though I find it worth it, as I have tried many, and this one seems to help my skin the most.


Having time to read up on skin treatments, and study on what could be best for your skin, is also something that costs money, as in your time to do so. Plus, you then have to pay for it if you want to embark on the skin treatment, and take time off work to do it.

So all that? …..Is probably the reason why rich women have great skin – it’s because they can afford to invest time, and money into doing so. All of it is an investment in looking younger, fresher, and without any stress lines because it’s a marker of their social class.

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