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Who the hell works for anything but money?

I am always flabbergasted when I hear or read about research that says that men are breadwinners who look to earn the most money possible in a job, and women work for other reasons/pursuits.


In what world is this true?!?

Utter nonsense, and 40% of American families are headed by female breadwinners, and women make up 48% of America’s millionaires.

No one works for anything but money.

Now, if you’re talking about extra BENEFITS that come with the job aside from salary, such as flexibility in working times, vacation days, healthcare coverage (more relevant to Americans, I daresay), telecommuting options, or perks like an expense account if you’re a consultant like I am, then that’s another story altogether.


I mean, NO ONE works for anything but money.

If they didn’t care about the money, it’d be called a HOBBY.

To say otherwise, or pretend that women are working to fulfill some other need in their lives (WTF would that be?) is just stupid hogwash.

If I was offered a minimum wage to do what I do today as my true career, I’d snort and turn you down.

I’d find another career that would pay more money that would be right in my wheelhouse of skills, and I’d learn to love it, or at least, parts of it so that I can excel and be good at it.

I am only in it, for the MONEY.

Yeah, okay, I also happen to really like what I do, and as a result, I am very good at my job, but that has nothing to do with why I go to work.


…and so do men.


No one these days is talking, or desiring a job where they work 24/7 like a dog, never see their families, travel all the time and proffers themselves up as a sacrificial lamb for the sake of money.

My partner is the perfect example — he has started deciding he wants to work less, to spend time with Baby Bun at home. He likes being at home with him, playing with him, teaching him another language, and as a result of his lacklustre workaholic work ethic (shall we say), Baby Bun has greatly improved in his language skills for one benefit.

It is now not quite as lopsided where he is more Anglophone than not.

The only difference in this story about women wanting work/life balance, a family life, the “Mommy Track” and all that crap versus men who seem to not want the “Daddy Track”, are just the goats who are bleating it over and over again to anyone who will listen.

Unfortunately, for all of us, these goats at the top? They have power. They have money, and they have the ears of the media.

But know this deep down inside:

No one works at a job and grinds it out, for anything but MONEY.

Gender has nothing to do with this particular fact.

Sure, like doctors and others like me who enjoy their careers, we can also enjoy our jobs while doing it, but at the end of the day, if I didn’t have to work at my job for money (let’s say I am a secret billionaire), maybe I’d do something else completely instead of what I do. Or not.

Who knows, but for right now, I work for the money. Period.

Enjoying the job, its benefits, its perks and all the stuff that comes with it, is not why I work. I daresay everyone else is in the same boat as I am.


  • sammy

    I agree.
    Could you please elaborate on how your partner plans to spend more time with your child? (i.e work hours, time spent with the boy).

  • Rachel

    I am a college professor and while I do enjoy the money and health benefits, I can honestly say that I do guest lectures and things for free because I love it so much. I will likely continue even when I’m able to retire comfortably. I think that people do work for the money, but some people enjoy it a lot more than others! Great post!

  • Krystina

    I totally agree Sherry! I live in Canada and I love my job, but even more importantly, I have great healthcare benefits which equals MONEY. The medication I must take costs more than my annual salary, and if I did not have benefits I would have to take a less palatable version under government healthcare. I also have access to chiropractic and massage therapy and a break on my gym membership which is helpful. My husband does not have benefits so its all on me to take care of us.

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