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Ask Sherry: Derma Roller – Verdict….!

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Derma roller update needed! How is the derma roller you bought and are you seeing the results you wanted? Is it worth the “pain”?

So I stuck with it, I rolled my face, I felt the pain, and I think I saw an INCREMENTAL increase in my skin being better.

Incremental meaning that I would probably get better results with things like a professional chemical peel instead of doing this long drawn out rolling every night.

I did not see the BIG results I wanted, not for the time invested and the pain involved, the constant disinfecting, the cleaning… it is a little bit more of a hassle for me to do it every night instead of just going once to a dermatologist and getting a few peels done you know?

That said, I did see some of my acne scars lessen a very tiny bit. I have pretty deep scars on the right side of my cheek (not so much the left), and I always angle my cheek to the side to see if they have ploffed back up.

I even look back at old videos when Little Bun was a Baby Bun, and I am shocked at how bad my skin was, compared to what it is today. Perspective, y’all. I have model skin compared to what I had before and it is all due to diet, proper skincare, and less on these gimmicky things.

I don’t know if it would actually lessen more than what it did with the roller, because I think I’d need a deeper needle to really penetrate the skin and force it to heal, however. It may just really have stopped at this point and it’s over.

I think to get this deeper roller, I’d need to go to a dermatologist and they would have medical / surgical grade needles to do the work safely….

So is it worth it? I’d say considering the time, effort and pain, it is a 6 / 10 for me to have given it a shot, especially if you don’t have the means to go and splash money on clinical skin treatments.

I really do think though, if you had to choose that your money and time would be better put towards higher quality skincare, and ingredients like niacinamide or serums that will stay on your skin over night, and really good retinol, etc.

Not necessarily expensive, mind you, but effective skincare and proper daily washing (exfoliating in the morning, then cleansing), and removing makeup properly at night if there is any, and then cleansing again, would do a lot more for my skin than this at-home roller.

Still, I am rolling now, but only once a week, not more than that. I just don’t have the time or patience to do it more than that, and I do think my serums soak into the skin better from it.

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