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Bonus Stuffie Life: The Nighttime Bedtime Routine for the Stuffies by Little Bun

Every night, we play a little with the Stuffies and blocks before bedtime, and here’s a sneak peek into one of the bedtime routines.

Babiest Stuffie: “MAKE ME OUT OF BLOCKS!”… and Little Bun re-creates a Baby Stuffie.

The Stuffies ask for letters out of blocks, so Little Bun creates letters and has them guess what they are.

Then a little game of dominoes is in order, and he lines them up for Babiest Stuffie to knock them down.

Babiest Stuffie begs for the letter “L”, and it turns out, he was trying to spell “L O V E”!!!!

Then they request a bedtime story, but not just any one, so Little Bun reads proudly from the comic book he created about a heart, a red gemstone (no it’s not a tongue), a rainbow and a flower, and how they all came to love each other, and lived happily ever after.

The story goes like this:

One day, there was a flower that bloomed under a rainbow, and the rainbow created a red gemstone that went to go live with the heart forever and ever. The End.

Goodnight Stuffies.


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