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Bonus: Little Bun’s Stuffie Scavenger Hunt

I am separately posting this because I don’t want to bury it into a Week of Money post. It’s too cute not to share.

Little Bun: Mommy, the Stuffies have to go on a scavenger hunt!

He ends up making a little Scavenger Hunt list, and then runs around the apartment hiding these items.

Then, we introduce the Scavenger Hunt to the Stuffies and they’re very excited to participate!

Little Bun: They need to follow the metro map to search each station for Scavenger Hunt pieces as well, Mommy.

So he made up a little map of our home and ‘stations’. La La Land by the way, is just underneath the kitchen counter, and is a made-up fantasy place.

They find the blue ducklings… near the Bowling Alley (YAY!!!)

And then they take the ducklings to the park to hang out near the structure in the “Park”:

Little Bun: Mommy, the ducklings are tired and have to go back home, Mommy!

We drop them off at ‘home’ and hang out with them to watch TV

Then they say goodbye and give kisses:

They check the list again!

Now they have to look for the hats (which by the way, are just the grey socks).

Time for another hunt!

They go to the BBQ but have to solve the problem of unlocking it. Babiest Stuffie ends up getting the spatula out of the way and saves the day!

Oops. Nothing here. False alarm.

Then they find them around the side in La La Land and are very excited:

They end the day with a special treat as a piece of gorgeous art from Little Bun as their Award to commemorate their success!



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