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Aspirational Dressing: Do you buy clothes for who you want to be?

Do you buy for your current style today, or who you hope to be?

For me, I would say it ends up being both, actually.

It is strange, but I knew instinctively even though I was not there yet, that I would be edging towards simple outfits, so a few years ago, I started buying for my future minimalist aesthetic.

I didn’t know I was heading towards it so I was still buying tons of colours, prints and so on as shown below…:


…. but when my style came around to a head this year, this is more me now.

Simpler items, less frills, a few pops of colour and print here and there, but generally pretty easy breezy.

I now really love a simple white skirt and a tank top with a bold necklace, or a minimalist sheath and a super bold ring.

I need it to be easy, comfortable and still stylish. I am also wearing a lot more maxi dresses than before because I find them more comfortable than I did in the past, especially if there is a slit in the back or the side for ease of walking.

Do you buy for your current style today, or who you hope to be?

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