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Ask Sherry: On not letting this f*cker run me off the internet

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Regarding investments, which index provider do you think is better: MSCI or FTSE? I’m also thinking about return of investment. Thank you.

I don’t give specific investment advice. You could do your own research and see the holdings between the two and decide for yourself what risk you are willing to take. Long story short, they both look fine to me, it depends on what you want.

Note: Past returns are not indicative of future returns either. Just because something has returned 500% in the past, doesn’t mean it will be like that in the future.

If you want advice from lots of people, I suggest forums like Reddit/PersonalFinance, or similar threads that deal with investing.

Please don’t let this fucker run you off the internet. Keep your blog & keep your socials.

I am not. But these people feel the need to word vomit on my page because they have .. well, nothing else.

The troll that harassed me on Instagram is now on my blog. I’ve blocked him, but they can just create another gmail address and keep trolling.  Honestly, it’s a lot of hate for nothing. Seems like a lot of wasted energy that could be redirected to something better. The funny thing is I think these trolls think I care.

Even if only 3 people read it, I care about the 3 people and interacting with them, but I don’t care about it being a moneymaker like some other people do. This is just meant to be fun.

So the irony is that the more they visit my page, the more money I get which is the opposite of what they want. I think I am up 20% from last month because of this. The more they visit to harass me, the more money I make.

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