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Ask Sherry: What I wish I knew before I became a parent and my best-selling scarf

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What do you wish you had known before becoming a parent?

How little sleep I would get and still be able to function.

That is still amazing to me, that I could go on 4 hours of sleep. I was not happy, nor was I productive, but I MADE IT.

I also wish I knew how much my relationship with my partner would be tested before I gave birth all the way until probably the end of his life — we sometimes argue over so many stupid things… We still do it to this day.

That my entire body could change, not just my feet

My foot size stayed the same but my torso widened and my jackets are now all tight. I wish someone had told me THAT. I mean, for real. I was concerned about the shoes but my clothes too!?… It just made me feel fat even though I had lost the weight, until I read that pregnancy hormones affect your entire body not just your feet.

That I could do all the things I thought were gross before like wipe someone’s bum and coo at them happily at the same time (it isn’t the same gross factor when it is your baby).

No one could have convinced me that I would have been happy cleaning up after a baby. For real.

I didn’t get a dog for exactly this reason. That, and I’m highly allergic, but still.

Oh and that letting them cry it out to go to sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

Everyone sleeps better once the baby gets on board with sleeping well. Just suck it up for the 2 weeks of hell and have blissful 2 years of sleep.

That children are secretly 50% monsters.

When they don’t sleep enough, eat enough, they are monsters. But then after 8 hours of HELL, you see their little face, or they say things to you like: Mommy *hugs you* this is love! …. and you think, damn it is all worth it. Then it goes back to being #%(&#%).

Which of your scarf designs that you sell is the most popular?

Hands down my Toronto Grid Scarf and Toronto Landscape scarves. They’re equal…

Toronto Landscape Scarf

Worn by one of my lovely readers (Kristen) here while she was IN Toronto!!

And this Toronto Grid Map Scarf:

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