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Where to buy a stylish wallet / portfolio phone case (folio) that looks good for the iPhone XS / XR / XS Max

I have been scouring the web for a great wallet folio that also holds a phone, and out of the (at least 100!) I looked at, the nicest-looking wallet or folio cases where you want to carry your wallet / cards / cash along with you AND with a phone. I want to hold at least 3 cards (2 credit cards and one ID card), cash not necessary but would be nice, and that’s it.

Of course, you can buy any old wallet or folio but I want that extra special one that also happens to look chic and/or cute. Preferably both.

I used to carry this wallet folio phone case similar to this in vegan leather but it has seen better days.

Nomad (

I ended up going with the Nomad Tri-folio because it is so sleek and completely made out of leather (a very thin piece of Horween leather).

I also liked that it had a separate compartment just for receipts / cash because I do carry a few bills on me just in case, and I do have receipts I need to keep but sometimes don’t have pockets to do so, so when I put it on my phone and close the lid, the risk of them falling out and flying away is much greater. Even if I jam receipts into my pocket, there is a risk I will forget and/or they’ll get washed or come out of my pocket.

They do have a more minimalist version of just the folio, that just holds 4 cards, but as I said, I went for the larger Tri-Folio to see how I like it.

So far, using it I have no issues. It charges wirelessly just fine (you have to place the middle of the phone right on the charger though), and the case doesn’t prevent it from Qi-charging.

(I bought this wireless Qi charging pad for the office and home, with this USB 3.0 charging adapter for super fast charging and it works GREAT and is much cheaper than buying it from Apple.)

It stands up pretty nicely for landscape viewing for videos after you work the leather edges in a bit, and so far I find the phone is heavy enough and weighted enough to be at a good angle to watch videos.

The only negatives I see so far are that I cannot really use the volume buttons easily if the case is closed, and it is big / bulky, almost twice the size of the phone itself with the folios.. Otherwise, it is pretty awesome.

Moshi Overture (

Moshi Overture

This was my second choice to be honest. It is so pretty in the Luna pink, but also that it looks simple and just like the one I have today (in a cheaper, vegan leather though… and it is ruined now.)

The only reason why I didn’t pull the trigger on it was that it has no magnetic clasp to keep it shut. I feel like the flap would just flap open, or do what happened to my old case — have the leather corner bent and cracked each time I tried to shove it into my back pocket…

I mean, the Nomad doesn’t have a closing clasp either (truth be told, it’s a gamble, I find it would be more secure to keep the flap on the phone case, but then it is annoying to try and flip it out of the way when you want to use it, and the clasp keeps flapping back), but then I decided I wanted to try the Tri-Folio style to hold cash as well, so I went with them.

Uolo 2-in-1 Magnetic Folio Case (

My third choice, only because it wasn’t leather, was this vegan leather / pleather case. Plus the pink is too pink (they have black and grey too).

And there are no designs, it isn’t even in leather, and I don’t want a boring case that is ugly. I want a chic one that is pretty, preferably.

I love that the phone comes out completely so you can separate the phone itself from the wallet into two pieces. This is brilliant!

I ALMOST ALMOST bought this to try it out as a feature to be able to detach the phone so easily with magnets (BRILLIANT!), but the looks and the fake leather turned me off….

Also, I don’t need space for all those cards. Just 4 is enough for me, frankly.

Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Phone Wristlet

I didn’t want to fiddle with a zipper and all that nonsense, so though there is a wristlet for a phone, I prefer something simple like this. Three spots for a card, and a flap to close it (OMG YES)…

If you want even more options but don’t care about looks, is a great resource for all the pros and cons. I found two of the above options through his site, and his reviews are very honest and thorough.

What do you like? A plain case or one to hold all of your cards?


  • PP Gal

    I bought a folio case with a detachable case (and magnets) because I had a new phone and want to protect it at all cause. (Or till Apple get tired of making almost the same phone features with higher price tag.)

    It worked fine at first but ditched the cover because it gets in the way whenever I take photograph or video of almost anything especially if I can use it for a blog post. My phone is more like a laptop and a camera that I hardly use it for texting or calling. In case I need the cover again, I can easily attach it, but I doubt I’ll ever will.

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